Brain Power Wellness Reviews Certified Teacher Leader and Student Leadership Programs 


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Brain Power Wellness, a holistic, school-based wellness organization, works hard to educate and train educators, parents, and coaches on how to help students learn to regulate their emotions. In the unprecedented times that we live in, this is an essential skill that all children should learn, but they need the help of the adults around them to do so. 

There are many ways Brain Power Wellness offers support in schools, including classroom visits and retreats. In this article, Brain Power Wellness reviews two important training pieces: the Certified Teacher Leader program and the Student Leadership Program.   

Certified Teacher Leader Program

One of the main ways that Brain Power Wellness helps adults support children in this regard is through its Certified Teacher Leader program. This program helps adults gain the professional skills necessary to effectively share the Brain Power Wellness holistic wellness and training system with organizations and schools in your community. 

A unique portion of the BPW program is sustainability, and BPW accomplishes that by training a select number of teachers through the Certified Teacher Leader (CTL). For this program, schools are able to send staff members to get trained on how to facilitate a vibrant program school-wide. Participants attend a retreat with other Level 1 trainees and receive valuable training and resources they can share with students, parents, and colleagues. 

Once trainees have attended the retreat, they can participate in monthly reinforcement sessions that will support the application of what they learned at the retreat. 

The CTL retreats include brain break activities revolving around the Brain Power 10 themes, including mindfulness, team building, and SEL. These retreats are held two to three times per year.  

Student Leadership Program

Another way Brain Power Wellness offers support is within schools. In this way, BPW implemented a Student Leadership Program, coaching up to 25 students with natural leadership abilities in each participating school.  

Many of these students have shown problematic behaviors in the past. With help from BPW’s Student Leadership Program, these students learn ways to lead other students and promote a positive school culture. Ways these students can lead the rest of the student body include routines and exercises for large gatherings such as assemblies or even in the cafeteria.   

The Student Leadership Program training begins with an eight-hour workshop given in two-hour increments that include complementary reinforcement and a full-day leadership & celebration retreat. After the initial workshops are concluded, the staff of Brain Power Wellness reviews the material and training in follow-up visits. 

About Brain Power Wellness  

Brain Power Wellness is a school-based wellness company that supports healthier school environments. Transforming partner schools through self-development, mindfulness, community building, retreats, SEL, holistic wellness, and brain training, Brain Power Wellness helps teachers, students, parents, and administrators. Since 2007, it has impacted more than 25,000 teachers and half a million students in 500 schools worldwide.  





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