ChatGPT and AI: The Two Innovative Solutions For Business Owners


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During the course of the past week, we have been conducting tests using the most recent and cutting-edge edition of ChatGPT to investigate the ways in which it may help a leader save the most valuable resource they have: time.

As OpenAI first introduced its Chatbots at the close of November, it almost immediately drew thousands of users, with frenzied forecasts of its ability to disrupt both existing company models and existing employment opportunities.

An assertion we made about the abilities that would be in demand in the age of AI and digitalization, which we call “The Human Edge,” seems to be coming true in 2019. We anticipated that AI would provide us with more leisure time by relieving us of mundane but necessary tasks.

Successful leaders can see the reward clearly. Take back hours of your week that you normally would have spent on mundane duties by using ChatGPT. The time should instead be redirected to developing talents that are more suited to humans. What I mean is something like this:

  • Inquisitive in their questioning.
  • imparting meaning, direction, strategy, and core principles.
  • Favorable to teamwork.
  • Facilitating intellectual growth.
  • Motivating originality and encouraging new ideas.

A Justification

In other words, ChatGPT is not a revolutionary new paradigm. Nonetheless, it represents a major change. This free digital tool is an improvement above prior artificial intelligence assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. In a crucial aspect, the bot can recall its own previous responses inside the same chat. Because of this, it may learn from its responses and provide more relevant information in its replies to follow-up queries. The end product sounds like an intellectual, spontaneous conversation, yet it’s strangely natural.

Leadership, as the old adage goes, is a lonely position to be in. As a result of this AI, busy managers may get advice from a trusted source who won’t charge them anything and won’t waste their time. ChatGPT will eventually develop to assist the efforts of cross-departmental teams including HR, Comms, and Marcom. Many executive assistant jobs might be eliminated as a result.

Some examples of how leaders might put this to use include the areas of accelerated research and the generation of new ideas for team training, product improvement, and strategic planning. Many people will use this tool to swiftly generate the many forms of information they require on a daily basis, such as emails, talking points, and presentations. All stages of writing are facilitated by the AI, from brainstorming to editing to proofreading to a final summary. Managers that are wise will utilize the extra time to connect with their employees and clients on a more personal level.

Created By Whom?

This cutting-edge AI is OpenAI’s newest chatbot, and it was established by Elon Musk. He as well as other Silicon Valley backers, notably tech entrepreneur Sam Altman, reportedly created the business with the goal of expanding machine learning in a way that would be most probable to serve humanity.

Following Sunday’s post in which he said he had temporarily blocked OpenAI’s access to Twitter’s database for “training,” the business’s CEO resigned from the board and publicly distanced himself from the company.

He expressed a desire to learn more about the company’s “going-forward revenue projections” and “governance structure.” Originally, OpenAI was created as a free and public resource. They are both no longer accurate.

A Tool For Assistance

We caution against making quick decisions when utilizing ChatGPT. Avoid the potential for disaster by not handing over your email and meeting logistics to ChatGPT. Leaders should always try to add a little bit of themselves to every conversation they have.

This aid may speed up the beginning of a thought process, even if it quickly becomes inadequate. To illustrate, suppose Liam brings up a tricky issue at the review meeting. Olivia will need all of her wisdom, compassion, and instincts to successfully navigate that discussion.

The last time ChatGPT got updated training data was in 2021, therefore it is completely unaware of what has happened in the world since then. The chatbot, like most others, might be erratic and give you the wrong answer sometimes. In any case, if it can provide such believable information for a sensitive performance assessment, it must be beneficial in automating more ordinary, day-to-day interactions.

Creative applications of this AI, such as composing rap lyrics, developing new recipes, and coming up with catchy business names, are all over social media. ChatGPT eases the burden of getting started on a project, procedure, or even a challenging employee problem. But it’s not meant to replace thinking; rather, it’s the newest artificial intelligence tool to help us get more done so that we have more spare time to focus on being human.

How Close Is ChatGPT To Being Able To Replace Humans?

Playwrights, teachers, computer programmers, and journalists are just some of the professionals whose livelihoods may be threatened if this trend continues. Programmers have used the technology to tackle coding tasks in arcane programming languages in a matter of seconds, and professors have used it to produce replies to test questions that they believe would result in full marks if submitted by a student.

Some have speculated that this technology might one day replace journalists because of its capacity to create written material that is very similar to human writing.

Nevertheless, because it is currently under development, the chatbot lacks the nuance, ability to think critically, and moral decision-making maturity required for good reporting.

Unfortunately, certain searches and inquiries will be futile after 2021, when support for the present knowledge base is scheduled to terminate.

The developers of ChatGPT admit that it may provide wholly inaccurate replies and convey false information as reality by composing responses that seem reasonable but are in fact incorrect or illogical.

OpenAI claims that this is a challenging challenge to address given that there is no real metric throughout the information they are using to validate the algorithm, and sharing of knowledge could be misleading since the optimum answer depends on the information the prototype understands, instead of what the live presenter understands. Hence these bots or any other bots are not meant to replace humans, the same was the case when trading bots came into being people thought that they would replace human brokers instead such bots assisted the brokerage firms like as well as the traders in making tedious tasks easier.


The system has been trained by AI and machine learning to deliver information and answer inquiries through a chat interface.

The system is trained from a large corpus of text available online. According to OpenAI, the new AI was designed with accessibility in mind. According to a statement released by the study group last week, “the conversation structure makes it feasible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up inquiries, confess its errors, dispute faulty premises, and reject unsuitable requests.”

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