Maryanne Comaroto Explains the Benefits of Surrounding Yourself with Supportive People


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Relationship specialist and psychologist Maryanne Comaroto says that choosing which individuals to spend time with can significantly affect personal character development.  

Surrounding oneself with the idea that iron sharpens iron, or that one individual sharpens another, is an excellent mindset to welcome the right supportive people. Though many people are not used to putting down their persona mask, the act of building relationships with solid supportive people requires vulnerability and authenticity to embrace genuine connections.  

“Now, because I surround myself with those who know my heart, my dreams, and my desires, I live a healthy, fulfilling, and blessed life. You can, too,” said Comaroto.  

When evaluating the relationship of a current support system, moving forth with the knowledge that the defects of one’s character are contagious can help put into perspective how supportive a current group of friends or family is and who might be a part of an individual’s ideal dream team support system.  

“It’s been said that you are a sum total of the five closest people you hang around. The first time I heard this, I was floored. My circle of friends was hardly a dream team, never mind who those people were. The truth is, I always felt so lucky when anyone wanted to be my friend; I had no idea it could rub off! It being, you know… their defects of character. Which when one translates this predicament literally, as I first did, it’s easy to miss the actual point: Who am I becoming in your presence? Hence, we would be well-advised to surround ourselves with supportive people. Online and off,” Comaroto said.  

Finding supportive people online to grow relationships with is an excellent way to start forming the right support system. However, studies show that online communication makes it easier for humans to portray and attract who they want to be, projecting an image of how they prefer to be viewed by others. This temptation to push persona forward rather than truth and authenticity can fuel relationships that lack cognitive, emotional, and spiritual intimacy, which misses the initial purpose of surrounding oneself with supportive people that get to know one’s honest core. 

“Basically, more is more, and you’re still you. Who we really are, beneath the personality (persona) that we develop and present to the outside world, is only penetrable under circumstances in which real intimacy can occur. Trust, respect, feeling safe and having real-life experiences opens us up to intimacy: cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually,” relayed Maryanne Comaroto 

Striving for a dream as a one-man band can be challenging. The effort involved in building a robust support system is worth it for dream seekers and can take anyone’s efforts to the next level compared to going the journey alone or with the wrong people serving as a support system.   

“Create a loose plan and set your intentions to move toward creating that. You might go so far as to enlist a dream team– folks you already know who can help mentor you and turn those dreams into reality,” said Comaroto.  

Imagine what a powerful team of individuals with similar mindset cheering alongside any journey can do to uplift burdens and increase the quality of life.   


About Maryanne Comaroto 

Relationship specialist, psychologist, and award-winning author Maryanne Comaroto helps individuals discover essential tools for creating healthy, fulfilling, and sustainable relationships. Maryanne is a clinical hypnotherapist, certified Vedanta meditation teacher, popular speaker, and host of a weekly radio show that reaches a global audience across 130 countries. With a gift for making complex theories practical and telling the truth with compassion, Maryanne offers one-on-one counseling sessions and leads life-changing workshops. She is also the founder of the nonprofit the Queen of the Jungle Foundation. 


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