Is it worth outsourcing IT support for a new business? 

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When you want to build a business that can grow, it is always important to start fast. This means putting in place the functions and solutions that will allow you to see meaningful growth while you grow and expand. Any new business has to be allowed to scale itself up while it is in its infancy. With that in mind, have you ever thought about the kind of services you could outsource? 

For example, one of the most commonly outsourced functions for a business includes IT support. There are a few reasons for this, and they include: 

  • IT is the backbone of just about any modern business. Without a strong and modern IT system, you are at a disadvantage from day one. You must utilize modern IT functions, from client interaction to stock management and inventory control. 
  • IT requires a professional, not a hobbyist. Your IT systems are basic enough that a student or a cheap freelancer can run them all. You might be right, but it means essentially letting someone learn on the job. You want to avoid that where you can. This needs an expert. 
  • IT needs someone who is always available. Another important factor of IT support is that they have to be present. This means that you need to know that you can call your IT support specialist, and they can resolve the issue more or less in real-time; any later hurts operations. 
  • IT is not something that you can simply wing. With IT, you should not be looking to get something that ‘gets you by’ – you want something that improves your business. A robust, modern, well-worked IT system can make every part of your business easier. 

Why outsourcing IT support from day one is recommended 

The simplest reason to outsource IT support early is that it allows for good habits to form early on. This means you can have a modern, robust, and secure IT system with an easy-to-manage user interface. The little troubleshooting problems and headaches that make life difficult for your staff can be caught, dealt with, and eradicated before they become a major issue. 

IT support is something you should think about outsourcing purely because it will help you to save time and stress. The more that you can automate and manage on your own, the less you need to worry about down the line. It also means having a good foundation in place. If you have a cheap or low-quality IT system in place, it means expanding and growing in the future is extremely hard. 

Having an IT support team means your system should be clean and organized enough that these teething pains can become a problem of the past. For that reason alone, it is worth investing in third-party IT support. Add in all of the other reasons, too, and it becomes almost impossible to say no to IT tech support provided by a specialist. 

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