Letter from the Editor, Volume 63, Issue 1

It has been such an eventful summer working on the magazine with my team. The crafting of this first issue was quite a delicate one. I worked with a small team of students to bring these pages to life. I’m grateful for those who contributed much of their time to make this happen. We wanted to create an intersection of different kinds of realities of an American. It was important for me to provide students with an issue focused on their everyday lives.

Many political changes have impacted America and its people. So, starting our semester with our first issue focused on the United States seemed right. The stories placed in this issue have a message for all of its readers.

This year as the print magazine editor my goal is to convey an interactive message for all readers with the use of art, poetry, and illustrations to push our editions messages further. I want my audience not just to digest the writing but be able to see these stories as well.