Sunset Sessions: Asiatica

The band Asiatica, with Stephan Hicks on keyboard, Asia Lacy on vocals and Nigel Fregozo on the double bass, play in the Daily Sundial’s newsroom on Oct. 23, 2022, in Northridge, Calif.

PJ Shahamat, Audio Editor

Asiatica is a genre-fluid band based out of Compton. They discuss their 2022 single “*sigh* Nevermind” and what it means to be genre-fluid.

Asiatica playing their song “Perhaps.”

Asiatica playing their song “*sigh* Nevermind.”

Asiatica playing their song “Watermelon Arizona.”

Asiatica playing a cover of Fiona Apple’s song “The Way Things Are.”

Listen to Asiatica’s music:

Audio/Producer/Host: PJ Shahamat
Videographer/Director/Editor: Conor Richards