Betterhelp Reviews 2023: Should You Try This Online Therapy?


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Who would have thought it was possible to have online therapy rather than in-person therapy sessions? Well, in an era where you have online therapy platforms such as BetterHelp, you can get mental health help and be better without leaving your home.

It is possible to get the desired help from a qualified therapist when using such online platforms. We point out what makes BetterHelp therapists the best, why it can be good to consider talking to them, how to use and get a BetterHelp coupon.

What is BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is a large online platform that connects people seeking therapy to licensed therapists and clinical social workers. These mental health professionals can conduct therapy sessions and prescribe medication online rather than through in-person traditional therapy.

The accredited therapists can conduct therapy sessions via video calls, phone calls, and chat too. You also get additional services, including group therapy and journaling sessions.

Since more people are getting to use the mental health platform, we can only expect it to get better. We may see it introducing new services.

Keep in mind this is a paid service. You simply have to choose a monthly package and access the platform via the BetterHelp app or BetterHelp website. BetterHelp has generally good therapist availability and therapy methods that people have used before to get better at their mental health.


  • It has an extensive network of therapists
  • Matching to the therapists does not take long
  • Multiple ways of communicating with a therapist
  • Cancel your subscription at any time
  • Multiple types of therapies supported


  • Does not work with insurance policies
  • Sometimes switching a therapist can take long to get a new one

BetterHelp Reviews from Users

I do enjoy my sessions with my therapist. I can comfortably talk about the issues that have been troubling me for such a long time and with ease too. – Lawrence Preble 

Dr. Davina Aidoo has handled me so professionally and with a lot of understanding. I can definitely recommend her if you ever need help.  – Lee Johnson

My sessions with Kerry were by far the best. I like the individual therapy sessions as they allowed me to talk about anything. She made the experience better and more enjoyable. – Sarah Sewell

Traditional therapy sessions were not easy for me, but now I am better thanks to Betterhelp. Their emotionally focused therapy paired me with an amazing therapist with whom I could communicate safely and freely. – Albert B. Holcomb

Online counseling through Betterhelp has helped me attend therapy without much pressure. I feel like my mental health needs have been addressed better. I schedule appointments with my BetterHelp counselors and I enjoy each session. You too could find the right therapist on Betterhelp. – Jeff Chapman 

How Does BetterHelp Work?

A girl with her computer

Maybe you have read on Health Canal about the benefits of taking good care of yourself, and you feel Betterhelp membership will work for you. Before you can get that membership and get into a therapy room online, it is best to know how it works.

Betterhelp can be a good choice for those seeking licensed professional counselors and accredited psychologists. The platform works by having you sign up for the therapy sessions, fill out a questionnaire, and you will be matched to a therapist.

The matching process does not take long, and Betterhelp’s therapists are always ready to start connecting with you. In terms of talking to the patient, you should have a reliable internet connection to attend Betterhelp’s live video sessions.

 How the therapy is done

 Once you have your membership processed, you can have a one-on-one with the therapist. Depending on your health insurance provider, it is possible to use it to pay for therapy sessions on other platforms since BetterHelp does not accept insurance. You may still get BetterHelp financial aid for individuals that fit the low-income criteria.

The increasing demand for telemental health services means you can access several tools from BetterHelp to use for talking to therapists. The various communication tools include unlimited messaging, live chat, phone, and video sessions. You have the freedom to choose the mode of communication that would work great for you to get the best mental health services.

The therapy session format involves having unlimited messaging combined with one video, phone, or live chat session each week. A live session may last 30 to 45 minutes in most cases. You can discuss this with your therapist to find the appropriate timeframe.

Unlimited messaging is a form of talking to licensed clinical social workers that is not real-time. You may consider it as email, but your therapist can sometimes be online and the responses are fast.

Your therapist is likely to answer within a few minutes to one day. If you have a scheduled appointment with the therapist, then you can have a real-time chat and not have to wait for too long to get responses.

Live chat, live phone calls, and live video sessions are also liked for having real-time conversations with the therapist. Again, it is something you can schedule with your therapist depending on the type of therapy sessions you have to attend.

Group Webinars 

We talked about how it is possible to get a group therapy session too on this largest online counseling platform. This is where you can consider marriage and family therapists. When you sign up for an account, you will see a calendar explaining how you can access these group sessions.

The group sessions discuss many things, including how to build resiliency, identify your unhealthy behaviors, and better skill building. Therapists can also take questions from the audience attending the event live. They can answer them at the end or as they receive them.

Why Do We Choose BetterHelp?

Betterhelp is generally a good platform for those with mental health concerns with so much to offer. Below are additional reasons we chose Betterhelp.

Multiple treatment types

Betterhelp has many ways to help a person with mental health issues. This is large because therapists can help with many issues including parenting, self-esteem, trauma, relationships, anxiety, stress, and more.

Currently, the company also offers to counsel teens, which is a bonus. Before, that was not the case.

 Group therapy or also known as groupings is also good to attend. We find them revolving around issues such as depression, medical problems, substance use disorders, and grief.

Qualified therapists

Another thing that would make someone opt for Betterhelp is because of the qualified therapists available. The company takes its time to verify that the therapists are actually trained to provide such services.

Some of the professionals to expect include, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, and psychologists.

The best part is that each therapist needs to have at least 3 years of experience and 1000 hours of practice.

The Cost

It might not be the cheapest, but it is still one of the most affordable you can get for therapy. The cost ranges from $60 to $90 per week. You will be billed every 4 weeks.

The pricing is decided based on the questionnaire answers, therapist availability, and where you live.  

Betterhelp still offers a 7-day trial period where you can assess the online therapy to decide whether it works for you. If you are not satisfied, there is the option of canceling your membership.

Reputation and privacy

According to Betterhelp, it claims to operate its therapy platform on a secure system. The idea is to keep the user information confidential and protect it in accordance to with patient data protection laws.

One notable way of achieving privacy is that you are not required to sign up using your real name. You can use a nickname that the therapist has to call you when in your sessions.

Betterhelp also has a section for adding emergency contact information. The therapist would contact the listed person if they notice you may be in danger.

The company generally has a positive reception and score online. With many people rating it highly, it is possible to build confidence in using its products, knowing you can get the help you need.

What Makes BetterHelp Outstanding from Competitors?

With many online therapy services, you may not be sure why to choose BetterHelp online therapy to manage mental health conditions. We can see that you may like their family therapists simply because getting matched to a therapist takes less time.

On average, it can take one day to be matched and have your appointment by the third day. That is fast enough so that you can get the reliable help that you are seeking.

It is also estimated that 65% of the matched patients do not switch their therapists. This is a good number showing that their system works effectively to get you the right therapist for your needs.

Another reason Betterhelp is outstanding is because of the multiple methods you can use to remain in contact with the therapist. You can discuss with the assigned therapist to find out the right methods to use to communicate better.

Group sessions are not common in other similar companies. You simply schedule for one and get to learn so much more. The group sessions can be as long as 90 minutes where you can still listen to other people sharing their struggles and get help from a moderator, who is still a therapist.

Getting a 7-day trial is also a good thing. You will only subscribe once you are happy with the progress. The credit card does not get charged if you cancel it before the trial period is over. So, being given a chance to access the services without restrictions for seven days helps you know whether it works for you.

What Is BetterHelp’s Enrollment Process?

Now that you understand how this largest online therapy platform works, it is good to also look at the sign-up process.

Before the online therapy sessions can begin, you would have to go through a short enrollment process. This includes filling out a questionnaire that helps the company choose the right therapist for you.

In the first page, you have to choose if you want an individual account, BetterHelp couples therapy, or teen counseling. Next, choose the gender and proceed. Keep answering the questions until you get to the end of the questionnaire.

Betterhelp requires that you sign up for an account and submit the information.

With the questionnaire filled truthfully, you can proceed to wait for the company’s feedback on who they have found to help you better on your journey for a therapist.

The BetterHelp FAQ page claims that it takes a few hours to a few days. The company also has to look at the therapist’s availability to ensure that there are no mixups.

Keep in mind that a subscription only begins when you have been matched with a therapist. The best part is that you can have the therapist change if you feel like you are not getting the best help you want.

 Types of Counseling Services BetterHelp Offers

Before signing up to get a Betterhelp therapist, there are a couple of things you also need to know. This includes the types of counseling services Betterhelp has on offer.

Among the many mental health professionals, we also find that BetterHelp will not focus on just one type of counseling. Here are some of the counseling services to expect.

  • Emotional-focused therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Talk therapy
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Cliented-centered therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Trauma-focused therapy etc.

Betterhelp has a wide range of options when it comes to therapists with specialties. We can see that the company has therapists specializing in anxiety, family conflicts, depression, trauma, stress, anger management, relationship issues, LGBTQ+ matters, family conflicts, and so much more. That is why the questionnaire during the enrollment period is important to match you with the right therapist.

How to Use BetterHelp

You may have a BetterHelp promo code, or you are asking yourself if Betterhelp prescribes medication for its patients. You will have to know how Betterhelp works so that you can get answers to some of these questions.

Here is how to use BetterHelp;

  • Get to the Betterhelp website and click on the Get Started button
  • You will be given a survey or questionnaire to fill out. Fill it out truthfully and create an account on the platform.
  • During the survey, you also have to choose your preferred method of communication with the therapist.
  • Next, enter the payment details to continue. Depending on availability, you can pay with a credit card, PayPal, and other methods.
  • You are advised to download the Betterhelp app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the device. Make sure to set a password on the app.
  • After a few days of signing up, you should get a message that you have been matched with a therapist.
  • Select a date and time from the Schedule presented by the app to meet the new therapist.
  • So, you will have to keep attending these virtual therapy sessions based on how you plan the sessions with the therapist.

If you have additional questions such as whether BetterHelp takes insurance, we recommend contacting the support team at BetterHelp for more detailed answers.

Who Should Use BetterHelp?

With the option of live video sessions and medication management online, more people who have issues moving from their homes can enjoy services provided by BetterHelp. A good example is if you are disabled and going to a therapist’s office every few days a week is hectic, BetterHelp gives you an option.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it made a lot more sense to have online therapy sessions. This is because we saw an increase in depression, anger, and mental health issues, but people could not get help physically. Such times made it possible for the world to transition towards utilizing services such as BetterHelp more often.

In case you also want to enjoy better flexibility, you can consider an online therapist from BetterHelp. You should have no problem getting the answers you need wherever you are. Since BetterHelp is open to anyone, it makes it easier to get qualified therapists to help you with your problem.

Betterhelp is also for those seeking a one-on-one connection with their therapists. The company takes the time to assess the therapists they are bringing on board. The aim is to get only qualified therapists that can do the job and still develop a personal connection with the patients.  

Who Shouldn’t Use Betterhelp?

In case you have several mental illnesses, online therapy platforms such as BetterHelp is not for you. This kind of illness needs close contact with the therapist to assess the situation and do a proper diagnosis to get you the right help you need.  

Considering it is done online, having an unstable internet connection is not good for you. It would generally make it hard to have proper communication. So, if the area you live in does not have a stable internet connection, consider an alternative ISP or form of therapy.

There are people who also simply dislike virtual communication. In this case, they can seek in-person therapy. For them, in-person therapy sessions help in boosting the personal relationship with the therapist and it is understandable if that is what they want.

 Betterhelp might support many types of therapy, but not all of them. So, in case the therapy type you want is missing from the list, you are better off seeking an in-person therapist too. A good example is that Betterhelp might not be ideal for psychodynamic therapy. If a doctor recommends such, try to get to a physical therapist’s office for better relief.


How BetterHelp Protect Their Customers’ Privacy

BetterHelp like most companies today collects information or data when you visit its website or app. With this in mind, you might be concerned about what the platform might be doing with your data. First, we need to understand which type of data the company collects.

BetterHelp under its Privacy Policy claims to collect data such as;

  • Visitor data – Information such as the pages you have visited, the features you interacted with, the browser, and your IP address are collected. This is for those who do not have an account on BetterHelp.
  • Onboarding data – Before creating an account, you have to share information about yourself so that BetterHelp can get the right therapist for you. That is the onboarding data.
  • Account registration data – For you to sign up for an account, you need to input various data including your name, email, age, phone number, and emergency contact details.
  • Transaction data – You will have to pay for the services from BetterHelp. That is how the transaction data is collected. Also, if there is a need for a refund, the transaction data helps in having it processed successfully.

There are many other types of data BetterHelp collects. They include checkout flow data, therapist data, therapy quality data, therapist engagement data, customer service communications data, and therapy communications data.

Most people may not have a problem with their data being collected. They would be more concerned about how it is used or stored. So, how does BetterHelp store your data?

BetterHelp claims to apply industry stands when it comes to protecting your data and ensuring it is secure. It applies best practices such as preventing unauthorized access and disclosure of the information being collected.

The platform further explains that it has a team of experienced data security professionals whose job is to protect your data. It does this by trying to anticipate where the attack might come from and the nature of the attack so that the team can build security processes and infrastructure to keep the attackers out.

BetterHelp says that it has put in place measures to keep the data collected safely. Such include;

  • The messages between a patient and therapist are secure and have a 256-bit encryption
  • The servers are distributed across multiple AWS data centers for protection and optimal security
  • The browser encryption uses the SSL technology that follows the modern security best practices
  • The databases are encrypted so that they can be useless to the persons who manage to access them
  • The company has invested in automated systems to alert them in case there is a data breach in their system.

About Expertise of BetterHelp Counselors

When signing up on BetterHelp, you are hoping to get the best help from experts. Some of the types of therapists you can expect to get include;

  • Clinical social workers
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Mental health counselors
  • Professional counselors
  • Psychologists

Since the platform is now popular, a lot more therapists would want to join. But, are they good in making sure you get the help that you need? That is why we have to talk about the expertise of BetterHelp therapists.

Before you can even start the application process to be a therapist at BetterHelp, there are various requirements you must meet first. Such include;

  • You must have a valid license that allows offering clinical therapy. It should be offered by the state board where you are currently residing. The licenses include LCSW, LPC, LMFT, PsyD, and other similar licenses or credentials.
  • Have an individual NPI number
  • Have more than 3 years of experience as a therapist for couples, adults, and/or teens
  • A laptop or desktop connected to reliable internet and has a webcam and microphone
  • You currently reside in the US

BetterHelp promises a lot of perks to its employees. This would definitely make more people consider getting on board. Such include having a reliable income, a flexible work schedule, focusing on therapy rather than sourcing clients, and getting all the necessary tools to provide therapy to members.

Why We Recommend This Online Therapy to You

Since we can do so much online, it is not a surprise when you see more people seeking online therapy too. There are so many benefits that come with this kind of therapy.

The first reason we recommend online therapy is because of accessibility. You may have noticed that there are many physical barriers to accessing in-person therapy. This is especially for those with physical disabilities. Now, they can get help without leaving their homes. 

Anyone knows that once you are an adult, time is something you treasure the most. If you work irregular hours or you just have a frantic work schedule, in-person therapy is not going to work for you. It is great to know that you can easily schedule a good time with your online therapist and attend it without worrying about missing other things.

You may find that many people are willing to open up more when they are in their homes. Home comfort allows you to be yourself so that you can really talk about things affecting you. It also generally feels less daunting.

Privacy is another reason you may have to reconsider in-person therapy. You might come across a nosy neighbor that starts talking about you going to therapy when you meet outside the therapist’s office. Online therapy platforms have invested a lot in new technology ensuring that user data is encrypted and protected.

In-person therapy is not known for being the cheapest. Well, you can be sure that online therapy offers better prices compared to in-person therapy. When you could be paying $100 per session in traditional therapy, the same can be more sessions for online therapy. Still, online therapy can also provide financial aid in some cases.

It is understandable that you might ask if such a type of therapy actually works. Yes, it does. Just make sure you are consistent in your sessions and you will also have a positive takeout on the use of online therapy.


In case you were in the market for professional counseling services, BetterHelp would be a nice start to consider. Having over 25,000 professional therapists in its database gives you the chance to work with qualified mental health professionals. You would not be too worried that you cannot get the help you need. Also, reviews about the brand show that it is good at ensuring you get the most help that you have always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is BetterHelp legit?

Based on the reviews of the online therapy platform, we can say it is legit. It has offered its services to many people and is not shy about showing what people say about it. This makes it a transparent and reputable company.

2.  Does BetterHelp offer financial aid?

Yes. BetterHelp has financial aid for those with low income. The monthly payment is discounted from $340 to $260 for those who get approved for the income.

3.  Does BetterHelp accept insurance?

No. BetterHelp does not accept insurance. This is a downside as some people may have policies that cover therapy.

4. Is BetterHelp better than in-person therapy?

It largely depends on the severity of the mental health condition. There are times when it is easier to have the online Betterhelp therapy sessions and when you have to get in-person therapy. Just make sure you know when to choose which one.

5.  Can you change or cancel your BetterHelp subscription?

It is possible to change or cancel the BetterHelp subscription. Make sure you are logged into your account and you can change these settings under your account dashboard with ease.

6.  Is BetterHelp worth the money?

Considering the company has qualified and licensed therapists, many people would feel it is worth it. There are also several therapies available, which make it easier for anyone to find the right treatment. The company is also among the most affordable, making therapy reach a lot more people with ease.

7.  How much does BetterHelp cost per month?

BetterHelp will cost an average of $260 to $340 per month. The cost is estimated based on how you answer the questionnaire, the therapist’s availability, and the kind of therapy you need.

8. BetterHelp vs. Talkspace: Which one is better?

It largely depends on what are your goals and needs when seeking therapy. Both companies offer therapy via quality therapists. However, we see Talkspace having more customized monthly plans and additional psychiatry services too. BetterHelp, on the other hand, has financial aid vital for making therapy accessible to more people.

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