Creative Part-Time Jobs That Can Help Support Students Looking to Finance Their Study Programs 

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There are all sorts of benefits to working some type of part-time creative job while you complete a study program.

For starters, the extra money can go a long way towards helping you finance your studies and cover living expenses while in school. 

Plus, if you choose a part-time job in the field you’re studying in, you can gain valuable experience that will set you apart from the rest of the pack when you finish studying and start applying for full-time jobs.

Here are some of the best part-time job options for students in a variety of different creative areas. 

Best Part-Time Jobs for Students in Different Creative Fields 

1. Freelance Video Editor 

If your creative area of study is video editing, why not get a head start on your career by using what you know already to provide freelance video editing services

A lot of different types of companies need video content for their websites, YouTube channels, Instagram pages, and other social media networks, and the level of editing required often doesn’t need to be too complex.

Plus, you can use video templates and other ready-out-of-the-box video editing tools to make your job easier and do things you might not have learned how to yet. 

Who knows, you may even be able to use videos you edit for work for class projects or extra credit, meaning you’ll be getting paid to fulfill requirements for your study program! 

2. Freelance Graphic Designer 

If you’re studying graphic design, offering freelance design services is a natural choice for a part-time job while you study.  

Companies always need logos, infographics, advertisements, and other graphic assets, and they often prefer to contract freelancers to create these as opposed to hiring someone full-time. 

And, like other creative jobs on this list, whatever work you do while you’re studying can be used for a portfolio that can help you land jobs once you graduate. 

In fact, you’re going to have to put a graphic design portfolio together no matter what to compete with other designers, so you might as well get paid for it now! 

3. DJ 

Are you studying some type of music or sound design? If so, becoming a part-time DJ might be the perfect job for you while you study.

As long as you have a good ear for music and some knowledge of how to operate DJ sound equipment, it shouldn’t be too hard to put together and play some epic set lists for parties and events.

Look around for local bars (if you’re of age) and other venues that are in search of a DJ and give it a shot! 

4. Social Media Assistant or Community Manager 

For the social media-savvy people out there, whether you’re studying some type of marketing or just have the pulse on all the latest social media channels and trends, working part-time as a social media assistant or community manager is an excellent option. 

From small local businesses to big agencies, lots of companies need someone to handle their social media part time, and that someone could be you! 

Responsibilities for these types of positions include publishing pictures and videos to Instagram and other social networks, so this could also be a good option for graphic designers or video editing students. 

5. Teaching Assistant or Administrative Assistant 

Most colleges and universities offer different teaching assistant and administrative assistant roles that students can apply for, and it doesn’t really matter what you’re studying if you want to apply. 

If you work as a part-time teaching assistant, you would probably be assigned to one professor’s class, and would help with things like course material prep, test prep, and grading assignments. 

Administrative roles are usually based in one of your educational institution’s offices, and involve tasks like data entry, document organization, and other clerical and administrative support duties. 

6. Freelance Web Developer 

For those studying computer science or any type of coding/programming, freelance web development is a great choice for a part-time job.

You might try offering your services to local small businesses that don’t have websites or that have outdated sites, or marketing your services online.  

Even if you’re quite new at coding, there are lots of no-code and low-code platforms out there that you can use to build sleek, functional websites in no time.

This is also another one of those part-time jobs that students can use completed work from to fulfill course requirements or build a portfolio, in addition to making some extra cash to help with expenses! 

7. Art gallery assistant 

If you’re a fine arts student, working part-time at a local art gallery can be a great way to get your foot in the door and start learning more about how the art world works outside of an academic environment. 

Keep an eye out for job postings from galleries in your area or try visiting them in person and chatting with the owners/managers to see if there might be an opening for a part-time assistant.

For this type of job, networking goes a long way, so you might even try talking to your art professors and seeing if they have any connections at galleries that they could put you in touch with. 

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