Favorite Gathering Places Around CSUN Campus


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Whether you need a place to study, a place to blow off steam, or just a place to hang out with some friends after class at the CSUN Campus, then you need to check out some of the best places where you can gather! But of course, rather than check out each place to see what you are working with, you can read this article to see where you should go if you want a specific vibe with your gathering!

The Best Place For A Drink! 

The Nectar is a perfect place for a drink that is about 5 minutes away from the college campus, and they have karaoke, DJs, pool tables, and of course some amazing food and drinks that you can eat alone and with friends. Plus, you’d better believe that they have Ollie’s management tool for brewery in their corner to feed all those hungry college kids!

This place has everything from pizza to bar food, and you can either party or study, but either way you will have fun!

The Best Place To Go For A Walk

Sometimes you and your friends just want to go outside and get away from the cramped dorm rooms and get some fresh air. The best place for a walk is the Limekiln Canyon Trail, which is a 3.8 mile out and back trail, where you can walk around an easy route for around 90 minutes. Whether you want to walk, run, bike, or walk your leashed dogs, then you can do it on this trail!

The Best Place For Ice Cream

If you want to go somewhere that is run by CSUN alumni, and also want to get yourself into an ice cream empire, then you need to go to Wanderlust Creamery. Wanderlust is in the name, and they bring flavors from all around the world right to your mouth. Each of their ice creams is formulated with natural dairy and balanced buttermilk which will make them utterly indulgent and flavorful to eat!

The Best Place For Some Active Fun

Of course, the best times to spend with your friends are often active. If you want to swim, play basketball, or just hit a professional gym and see who can do more pushups, then the Student Recreation Center will be the best place for you and your friends to go to blow off some steam both inside and outside. 

Plus, it also hosts several events, from carnival rides, to music, to karaoke, and other forms of live entertainment. So if you check your calendar and schedule things right, then you can hit the Recreation Center and really have some fun!

The Best Place to Catch A Game

Finally, if you are a CSUN student you know about sports, but while the Matador games are great, everyone knows that Little League is what it is all about. If you like watching the highs and lows of little league baseball, then you need to head to those games at George W. Hall Fields on Devonshire Street. You can catch some good games and maybe even see some future matadors on the field!

Remember To Bring People With You Too

Finally, no matter where you choose to go and what you choose to do, remember that it isn’t a gathering without having people along. So don’t be afraid to invite friends, family, loved ones, or people from your study groups to your gatherings and have some fun. That way everyone will enjoy the gathering and you might even forge some deeper friendships too.

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