What To Do When Your Preferred Business Name Is Already Taken


Igor Stevanovic

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Naming your business is one of the most exciting decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur. Maybe you’ve used a business name generator or thought of something on your own. But what happens when you’ve found the perfect name, only to find out it’s already taken?

It can be frustrating, but there are still plenty of options available. Here are some things you can do when your preferred business name has already been taken by someone else.

1. Add a Modifier or Qualifier

One way to differentiate your business name is to add a modifier or qualifier to it. This could be as simple as adding your location (e.g., “New York Bakery”) or a descriptive word that reflects your brand (e.g., “Sustainable Solutions”). By doing this, you can create a unique name that still reflects your brand identity.

2. Use a Different Domain Extension

If your preferred business name is taken as a .com domain, consider using a different domain extension such as .net, .org, or .co.

While .com is the most commonly used domain extension, there are many other options available that can work just as well. Research the different domain extensions available to find one that fits your business.

3. Use a Different Spelling

Another option is to use a different spelling of your preferred business name. This could be as simple as using a different spelling of a word (e.g., “Theatre” instead of “Theater”) or creating a unique spelling of your name (e.g., “Kwik” instead of “Quick”). This can help to differentiate your business name and make it easier to find online.

4. Combine Words

If your preferred business name is taken, consider combining a few words to create a new name. This can be a fun and creative way to create a unique name that reflects your brand. For example, if you’re starting a bakery and the name “Sweet Treats” is taken, you could combine words to create “Sugar Bliss Bakery.”

5. Use a Slogan

If you can’t find a business name that works for you, consider using a slogan instead. This can help to convey your brand identity and differentiate your business from others.

For example, Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” is recognized worldwide and has become synonymous with the brand.

6. Conduct a Trademark Search

Before settling on a business name, it’s important to conduct a trademark search to ensure the name isn’t already trademarked. This can help avoid legal issues down the road and ensure that you’re able to use the name without any problems.

You can conduct a trademark search online through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

7. Consider a Completely Different Name

If all else fails, consider coming up with a completely different name for your business. While it can be difficult to let go of a name you’ve fallen in love with, sometimes it’s the best option.

By starting with a fresh slate, you can create a name that truly reflects your brand and sets you apart from competitors.

8. Use Your Own Name

If you’re a sole proprietor, consider using your own name as your business name. This can work well if you have a personal brand and want to establish a close connection with your customers.

For example, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain is named after him, and Martha Stewart’s media empire is named after her.

9. Get Feedback From Others

Sometimes, we can become so attached to a business name that we don’t realize it’s not as good as we think. Getting feedback from others can help you see your name from a different perspective and come up with better alternatives. You can ask friends, family, or even your target audience for their opinions on your business name ideas.

10. Hire a Naming Agency

If you’re really struggling to come up with a name for your business, consider hiring a naming agency.

These companies specialize in naming and branding and can help you come up with a unique, memorable name that reflects your brand identity. While this option can be more expensive than the others, it can be well worth it in the long run if you end up with a name that helps your business succeed.

Find the Best Name for Your Business

Coming up with a business name can be a fun and exciting process, but it can also be challenging when your preferred name is already taken. By using these strategies, you can create a unique name that reflects your brand identity and helps you stand out from the competition.

With a little creativity and perseverance, you can come up with a name that you love and that resonates with your target audience.

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