Your Love Languages Explained

Brandon Sarmiento

We went around campus and asked CSUN students how they express their love.


Acts of Service

Actions that one takes to show that they care and appreciate another person are what can be described as acts of service.
Examples may look like cooking breakfast for a partner, offering to drive a family member to work or helping a friend study for an exam.

Physical Touch

Physical touch is about showing affection through actions that bring one physically closer to another in a relationship. Sitting close, hugging, holding hands, kissing and having sex are examples of physical touch.

Quality Time

Spending meaningful time with and having undivided attention from a partner, friend or family member is important for those whose primary love language is quality time. Having a deep conversation about one’s career aspirations or going on a dinner date with a partner are examples of quality time.

Words of Affirmation

Words that express support and appreciation for another person are considered words of affirmation. Texting a partner that you will always be there for them, complimenting a friend’s outfit or reminding a family member that you love them are different expressions that affirm one’s appreciation in a relationship.

Receiving Gifts

Love and appreciation are felt through receiving gifts in this love language. Gifts may be interpreted as a physical manifestation of a person’s love for another. It is not only the gift itself that is appreciated, but also the thought and effort behind the gift. 


Valerie Alcala

Major: Radiologic Sciences

“One of the ways I like to express love to myself is dedicating time and thoughtfulness to how I’m feeling. I’ll sleep in the sun to relax, read a book or even blast music to dance.”


Jacob Alvarez-Ruiz

Major: Music, Vocal Arts

“One of my main ways of showing love is acts of service. Just doing something for someone. It’s not necessarily the way I receive love either. I feel like I have two separate main love languages when it comes to giving and what I receive. So I’m not big on receiving acts of service, but I’m a big giver. I’m also a big receiver of physical touch, but not a big giver of it.”


Diego Schwarzbach

Major: Music, Breadth Studies

“Love is so many things. If you’re my mom and I’m trying to express love, maybe I’ll just want to spend time with you and hang out. But if it’s more like a love with a partner or someone that I’m lustful for or loving, I’ll want to cook for you and show you my room and vibe with you. Maybe we can go on walks too.”


Moon Jaehyuk 

Major: Electrical Engineering

“Actually, I’m shy to express love with my parents and friends. So, especially on a parent’s birthday, I’ll write a letter to them to [say] I love you.”


Niko Cisternas

Major: Deaf Studies and Cinema and Television Arts

“I like to try to make plans with people and see them as often as I can, even if it’s just saying hello to someone as they’re walking by. I like letting people know that I acknowledge them, that I think they’re really cool people and I’m very grateful for them to be in my life.”


Matthew Nazloo

Major: Cinema and Television Arts

“I think for me, one of the most important things is having the ability to make someone laugh. Most times of the year, I’m long distance and we would just hop on calls. Just being able to make her laugh and make her smile. It’s invaluable.”


Shiela Kiani

Major: psychology

“[With] love for myself, I usually like to express it in forms of taking care of myself, whether that be going for a walk, eating my favorite food without feeling guilt or working out. Just moving my body around and being around people I love. Toward people, just giving them my time and spending my time with them.”


Daisy Fallon

Major: Business Administration, Marketing

“I like to give gifts and do things for people. Say my friend said something earlier at the beginning of the year saying that they wanted something, but they didn’t get it. Later on I’ll just surprise them and be like, ‘Hey, I got it for you,’ just to show my appreciation.”


Amy Ramos

Major: Biology

“I like to express love by reaching out to my loved ones and making sure that they’re okay. You know, providing those words of affirmation to them and basically just making sure that they know that I’m there for them and that whatever they need, I’ll be there for them.”


Giuliana Castro

Major: Liberal Studies

“For my friends, I really like to give them small little things when I see them. Whether that’s thinking of them, buying a Trader Joe’s snack or picking them up, taking them to go get coffee and stuff like that. That’s how I express love.”