CSUN Women in Leadership

Renee Rothe, Photo Editor


Eden Shashoua

Eden Shashoua shows leadership on campus every day through her work as the vice president of CSUN’s Associated Students. 

Her office, located in the University Student Union, is decorated with paintings she made and photos of friends and family — small details that showcase Shashoua’s bright personality. 

When asked about why she decided to get into student government, Shashoua spoke about her identity as a Jewish woman and the importance of representing her community in a leadership role at CSUN. 

“I think it is really important to advocate, and especially after COVID, I really wanted to see some changes on campus,” she said. “Primarily being able to bring that campus community and school spirit back.” 

Shashoua’s goal for this semester is to diversify the food that is offered on campus to include more kosher, halal, vegan and vegetarian options. 

Outside of her duties as vice president, Shashoua also enjoys reading Jane Austen and painting. 

“I’m the vice princess in chief, but I think my title has changed to queen in chief,” Shashoua said.

Eden Shashoua, vice president of CSUN’s Associated Students, poses on campus on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023. Photo taken by Renee Rothe.
Eden Shashoua displays her paintings throughout her office on campus. “I did this one, which is my most recent one, and I think this is really important just as a reminder for everybody and for myself that you know sometimes we feel like we’re not always our best but it’s important to know that we’re enough and even though not every day is our best day, we’ll get there,” Shashoua said. Photo taken on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023. Photo taken by Renee Rothe.
Eden Shashoua, giving her vice president’s report at the Associated Students senate meeting. “I’m really grateful that I get to be in this position every day. I find it to be a privilege, and it’s really such an honor to be able to be here and be the voice of students … and make sure that I’m not only representing AS, but I’m also representing CSUN as a whole,” Shashoua said. Photo taken on Monday, Feb. 27, 2023. Photo taken by Renee Rothe.
















Shira Brown

Shira Brown represents the face and heart of CSUN’s Women’s Research and Resource Center as the staff director. 

Brown strives to create a welcoming space on campus that is open to the entire CSUN community. 

The staff director is an alumna of CSUN and served as the student director of the WRRC during her time there. She returned to campus to teach after completing graduate school at Claremont Graduate University. When she began as a part-time professor in the gender and women’s studies department, she also held a part-time position as the faculty director for the WRRC. 

“It became very clear that if they wanted the women’s center to be successful, and what they had imagined it to be, it needed a full-time staff person. The job got changed and I applied for it and got it,” Brown said. 

Brown wants more people to know that the WRRC resources are not limited to women. 

“We are for any gender identity. Anyone is welcome to come and access any of our resources,” she said. 

The WRRC is known for providing students with food and toiletry pantries on campus. In 2019, they installed a wellness vending machine, located on the first floor of the Sol Center in the USU, that carries emergency contraceptive pills, condoms, lubricant, tampons, pads, Tylenol, Ibuprofen and pregnancy tests. 

The center also organizes rallies and protests for the community. 

Brown has been acting as the full-time staff director since 2011. Her favorite part about the job is working with the students. 

“It’s just amazing how much I learn from them all the time,” she said.

Shira Brown poses in the women’s resource center on Monday, Feb. 27, 2023. Photo taken by Renee Rothe.
Shira Brown, staff director for the women’s resource center on campus, greets a student from her desk. Photo taken on Monday, Feb. 27, 2023. Photo taken by Renee Rothe.
The food and toiletry pantries located in the CSUN women’s resource center on campus. “It started with granola bars in the food pantry and it has since evolved to pregnancy tests, emergency contraceptive pills, and Narcan,” Shira Brown said. Photo taken on Monday, Feb. 27, 2023. Photo taken by Renee Rothe.