The Curse of Woman Is a Woman’s Power

Melanie Ortiz Rosales

The curse of a woman is to be strong.

Not to crumble like a sand castle,

When the waves crash its way.

Not to scream like a kettle,

Put under intense heat.

Not to speak unspoken words,

Held back by the gates of our teeth.


The curse of women is to be patient.

To wait for blissful unions with a white fete,

Before nature’s clock tells society we’re obsolete.

To wait to climb up the never- ending latter,

Just to have them move the finish line before we get there.

To wait for every hope mistaken for a pipe dream,

As we are assumed too timid and weak to ever succeed.


Yet, how I love being a woman.

A beautiful chess piece in a game so obscene.

As man aches for strife, woman yearns for peace.

As man lusts for power, woman shares victory.

As man ignores vulnerability, woman welcomes empathy.

For woman understands the secret to society,

The word human is crucial in humanity.


Woman can still remain wild and free,

Even when the world could be tumbling at their feet.

Woman can find beauty in the little things,

As devastation wrecks their everything in deceit.

Woman can find ways to overcome treachery,

As the government tries to control their bodies.

How powerful a woman can be!


Power does not have to be loud and proud,

Walking through life boastfully.

Power can come in all shapes and sizes,

Whether it is small and meek or large and towering.

The fact remains true and perhaps unseen.

Never test a woman’s power,

Even if it might not be visible to see.