Thompson aims to set good example for team

Michael Johnson

The women’s basketball team has one senior, and her name is Katrina Thompson. She may not be the greatest player on the team, but she is the one they follow.

Thompson is the Lamar Odom of the team; she does all the dirty work, and does the little things that no one else wants to do, such as filling up the stat sheet.
Thompson is coming off a season averaging 7.5 points per game and 5.6 rebounds.

Senior forward Thompson is one of the most likeable people in the locker room, and that is why they follow her.

“I am goofy in the locker room and have fun dancing with my teammates,” Thompson said.

Thompson is not only fun to be around, but loves to be there for people on and off the court.

“They respect me as a player, and as a friend off the court. Business is out on the court and I try not to take that off the court,” Thompson said.

Not only is Thompson seen as great friend, but as a good student as well.

“I like to be an example with my grades for the younger players,” Thompson said.

On the court, she likes being an example in two ways. Thompson talked about leading by example, and being vocal with the players. She likes being able to guide players if they are confused in practice, but at the same time being vocal about players during a game.

The coach and the players look to Thompson for energy. They also look to her for support, so she is basically like a big sister to many of the players out on the court.

Furthermore, Thompson realizes the team also sees how she is willing to learn from others and is always trying to improve as an individual.

For example, she talked about her improvement during junior year.

“My dad worked with me over the summer with my jump shot. I went to the coach and asked what I needed to do,” Thompson said.

During her junior year, she played all 31 games and averaged 7.5 points with 6.1 rebounds. She had a big improvement from her 2.9 points and 3.5 rebounds in her sophomore season.

Thompson talked about her different mentors and how they have always showed her the ropes. She talked about former Matador basketball women, like Ashley Blake and Tonicia Tademy.

She said, “I guess having that quality in front of me, and just learning from what they did. Seeing what did and didn’t work with them, and just trying to get the best combination to go forth.”

Thompson is 5-feet-8 inches, but plays like she is 7-feet tall. The team sees the kind of effort she puts in and they want to follow her.

“I struggle sometimes because I am not the fastest runner and I won’t always beat my guards down the court,” Thompson said.

However, she shows that being a leader isn’t about perfection or being the best. Good leadership, the type Thompson demonstrates, is about trying your best and being there for your team.