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Top 10 Latino Alternative Artists

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Latinos have dominated music over the years, with Latin music revenue hitting $1 billion for the first time in 2022. However, alternative Latino music isn’t always as recognized, compared to giants in reggaeton like Bad Bunny. Still, their music is a big part of our community, and so much endless talent out there deserves to be equally recognized. Here are my top 10 Latin alternative artists, from indie superstars to up-and-coming singers.

10. Mexican Slum Rats – I was recently introduced to this band and was surprised to learn that the band consists of three students from Granada Hills Charter High School, which is close to home. They have a surf rock sound and released an album in April of this year called “See You Around,” which I recommend everyone listen to. My song that’s on repeat by them is “Away” from their EP “Slumrats.”

9. Kathy Palma – Kathy Palma is a singer-songwriter from Guatemala with a soft voice and relaxing sound. I first heard her on LatinAlt with the song “Control,” my favorite from her single Sola [Parte Tres], which just debuted this July.

8. Edgar Fernandez – I also discovered this artist on LatinAlt when they played his song “Reality.” When I heard the song, I immediately needed to look up who was singing and discover more of his music. His Instagram @ultrasonicteenager documents more of his art and his music. I recommend his EP “Chomp Chomp” if you want to get introduced to Edgar Fernandez’s sound.

7. Chicano Batman – This band is from Los Angeles, and their music is a good mix of indie and rock. As basic as it sounds, my favorite song is “Black Lipstick,” but any of their albums are great.

6. Ghouljaboy – Ghouljaboy’s music is one of my favorites on the list. His music has a new and different sound that transported me to a whole new world the first time I listened to it. With unique sounds and different instruments in every song, his latest album “Oh No Syzygy!” is one you have to give a listen to.

5. Sabrina Claudio – I can’t lie, I haven’t listened to her music in a while, but Sabrina Claudio makes the list because I have a soft spot for her music. It was a highlight during my high school years as it was one of my first introductions to R&B music by a Latin artist. Rediscovering her album “About Time” reminds me of her romantic sound and beautiful songs.

4. Los Retros – I discovered this band by scrolling through YouTube and finding their song “Someone to Spend Time With.” Their nostalgic music is easy to listen to, making them one of my favorites. The band’s lead singer, Mauri Tapia, is from Oxnard, Calif., and they’ve even gone on tour with Cuco – another artist on the list.

3. Cuco – Cuco is a staple in my indie Latin music scene. I discovered him in 2017; he was my first-ever introduction to mixing Spanish with English lyrics. His music has been popular for a while now and has been growing ever since, with hits like “Lo Que Siento” or my current favorite, “Medusa.”

2. Miranda! – I grew up listening to Miranda! so I have my mom to thank for introducing me to this band. They’re an electropop band from Argentina, and their songs bring comfort and a joyful vibe. My absolute favorite is “Don”; it never fails to make me smile or dance along to the sweet lyrics.

1. The Marias – The Marias is among the most popular on the list, with over 8 million monthly listeners on Spotify and hit songs like Otro Atardecer and Carino. However, their distinct sound and the angelic voice of lead singer María Zardoya place them at the top of the list. They’re the perfect artist to listen to if you want to chill or enjoy genuinely beautiful music.

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