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4 Meaningful Ways to Thank Staff Who’ve Gone Above and Beyond in Their Role


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We all want to feel appreciated even within our professional circles. Finding a way to show your employees you value them as individuals for their outstanding performance is a great way to improve performance, productivity, morale, and employee retention.

This isn’t something you can afford to ignore until it’s Employee Appreciation Day. Instead, employee appreciation should be an ongoing affair that forms part of your company culture.

A Glassdoor study found that businesses that show appreciation for their employees daily retain half of their employees longer. 81% of the employees are also motivated to get better at their job which is higher than 37% of employees who work harder out of fear of losing their job according to the same study.

There are many ways you can show appreciation to your employees and we look at some of the best in this article.


  1. Offer Perks

Office perks have been a common thing but remote work now presents a new challenge. As a company, it’s essential to discover methods to provide snacks and refreshments to your off-site workforce, demonstrating your gratitude.

Moreover, it’s crucial to maintain a clean and sanitary workspace, sparing your staff the concern of tidying, cleaning, and organizing the space. You should guarantee that all team members have ready access to top-notch tools and office materials.

To make things more comfortable, provide enough charging docks, headsets, and journals. This creates a homelike environment where they can unwind and get back to work feeling more energetic.


  1. Find Different Ways to Show Gratitude

Some employees want to hear it come from you to know they are appreciated. You can get them a thank you card if they have gone past the limits and helped the rest of the team. You have the option to include a customized note for an added touch.

Each individual possesses a distinct quality that they contribute to the group, enhancing the overall team dynamics. You can organize an awards ceremony to appreciate everyone while highlighting their unique contribution.

You can take it a notch higher by offering Awards’ customizable trophies that they can display at their desk. Make sure you recognize everyone together to create a sense of gratitude and foster teamwork.


  1. Offer Financial Rewards

There’s no better time for you to put your money where your mouth is. A day off can benefit an employee but financial rewards tend to be more motivating. Your employees are also likely to be happier and loyal if they are well paid. Giving bonuses in addition to their salaries has a big impact.

Offering paid time off as an incentive is also a great option. Instead of long vacations, you can talk to your employees so they give up a few vacation days for paid time off. Instead of a two-week vacation, find out if they would be comfortable with a week of paid time off.


  1. Promote Employee Well-Being

An employee who has to spend more time away from work due to illness or health problems costs your business more. Wellness has become more accessible in recent years so you can easily create a corporate wellness program for all your employees.

Once trend that has gained massive traction is a fitness perks program. Fitness perks allow employees to stay physically and mentally fit without having to pay for the cost. You can offer a monthly stipend for fitness or arrange for online group classes so they can be motivated together.

Mindfulness can help employees manage stress and become more resilient. Giving a mental health stipend that they can use on talk therapy, yoga, meditation class, and more will make a huge difference. Also allow them to access the services of a health coach so they can focus on goals they hold dear.

Demonstrating gratitude toward your workforce can be seamlessly integrated into your operations, with even minor adjustments yielding substantial results. This practice aids in retaining valuable personnel for extended periods and fosters increased efficiency, thereby enhancing your organization’s long-term success. Make sure you implement a mix of different tactics for the best results.

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