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Which Copenhagen tours do students enjoy the most?

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Copenhagen is the charming and picturesque capital of Denmark and its largest city. The city that links Scandinavia and Europe is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is perhaps one of the most peaceful Scandinavian capitals with a cozy atmosphere. Here, old fairy tales are close neighbors of modernity and surrounded by world-famous castles, palaces, parks, and museums.

This city has almost no skyscrapers, and there are a lot of old houses, parks, and waterfronts around. The famous writer and storyteller Christian Andersen brought huge popularity to Copenhagen, so the main symbol of the city is the famous monument to The Little Mermaid.

Copenhagen is a magical and lively city with a cozy atmosphere where every traveler will feel at home. Students especially like this city for its charming streets. So, what are the most enjoyable Copenhagen tours for students? Let’s discuss them!

Copenhagen Beerwalk

Copenhagen boasts a rich brewing heritage, home to globally renowned beer giants such as Carlsberg and Mikkeller. Yet, what truly captivates beer enthusiasts in Copenhagen is the burgeoning craft beer scene. This transformation has elevated Copenhagen to the status of a must-visit destination for beer connoisseurs. Throughout the city, craft beer bars have sprung up, particularly in neighborhoods like Vesterbro, Nørrebro, and the city center, Indre By.

Embarking on a beer tour in Copenhagen is an exceptional idea for all those who hold beer in high regard. If you’re unsure which brews to sample, don’t hesitate to engage the bartender; you might even find yourself in for an impromptu beer aficionado’s lecture.

So, what can you anticipate when you venture into these bars? Prepare for a delightful rotation of craft beer taps, some even featuring beers brewed right on the premises. These establishments are a delightful mix of both locals and visitors, exuding a vibrant atmosphere. You’ll discover traditional Danish watering holes as well as charming Irish pubs, each offering an array of local and international beer selections. Some bars will exchange your token for a specific beer, while others give you the freedom to select from their entire menu – just give the bartender a friendly nod.

Securing your ticket for Copenhagen’s beer walking tour with tastings is your passport to uncovering the city’s dynamic beer culture and savoring its finest brews.

Fatbike Tours Copenhagen

Denmark, much like its neighbor, the Netherlands, is a nation teeming with avid cyclists, and the enchanting capital, Copenhagen, is no exception. Embarking on a bike tour in Copenhagen grants you a unique vantage point, allowing you to see the city through the eyes of the locals. The Copenhagen Fatbike Tour, a two-hour guided expedition, ensures you experience the city’s splendors without breaking a sweat, thanks to the e-bikes.

What sets Fatbike Tours in Copenhagen apart? There are indeed various ways to explore Copenhagen, from hop-on-hop-off buses to leisurely boat excursions on the water. Yet, taking to the streets on a bicycle offers an unrivaled opportunity to truly immerse yourself in Copenhagen’s local way of life.

The Knaap e-bikes used for these tours bear no resemblance to the conventional e-bikes. With their rugged urban design and distinctive army-green color, these bikes effortlessly stand out on the city’s roads. Despite maintaining a relaxed pace during the tour to ensure you soak in all the sights, these bikes can reach speeds of up to 25km/h without generating any disruptive engine noise.

Copenhagen: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour with Boat Tour Option

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Copenhagen while aboard an open-air double-decker sightseeing bus. With a total of 22 stops strategically placed throughout the city, the bus provides easy access to all of Copenhagen’s top attractions and iconic landmarks, from the world’s second-oldest amusement park, Tivoli, to the regal winter residence of the royal family, Amalienborg Palace, and numerous other captivating points of interest.

For the ultimate sightseeing experience, consider opting for the bus and boat tour combo. Kick back and unwind aboard the exceptional blue sightseeing Nettobådene boats.

Embark on a captivating journey through the city’s picturesque harbors and canals, unveiling a unique perspective of Copenhagen. During this one-hour boat tour, you’ll glide past the vibrant and lively Nyhavn, the trendy and vibrant Christianshavn district, and even catch sight of the world-renowned Little Mermaid statue. It’s a comprehensive exploration of Copenhagen’s beauty that you won’t want to miss.


Copenhagen offers a diverse array of tours that cater to the unique preferences and interests of students. When it comes to choosing the tours that students enjoy the most in Copenhagen, the answer ultimately depends on your personal interests. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a history buff, a foodie, or an adventurer seeking to explore the city from different vantage points, there’s a tour in Copenhagen that’s bound to capture your imagination.

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