Associated Students President’s Report

Abel Pacheco

Catilin McCarrick / Staff Photographer
Catilin McCarrick / Staff Photographer

Hello fellow students,

During recent weeks, my administration has been looking for ways to ease the pain of students when it comes to budget cuts. Here’s what we have accomplished in the last few weeks:

* CSUN Associated Students’ (A.S.) first successful online election was completed on Nov. 4. We expect this to make elections in the future run more smoothly, reduce our environmental impact and cost less. I would like to thank A.S. Director of Elections Dan Monteleone, the entire elections committee and his advisors for making this such a great success.
* In an effort to be a more sustainable campus, the university will be installing approximately 200 waterless urinals and upgrading our irrigation systems to be more efficient. This will save millions of gallons of water and ultimately, money for our campus, which can then be reinvested on students. I applaud the work of the senators who helped draw awareness to water conservation, and also the university administration who have responded quickly and positively on this front. I will continue to keep the conversation going on a more sustainable campus.
* Successfully introduced to the California State Student Association a measure to support the Federal DREAM Act last weekend at a meeting of the 23 California State University campuses. The full board is expected to vote on this resolution next month.
* In a move designed to increase the visibility of the impact the budget crisis is having on students, we will be launching a postcard campaign. Our goal is to send thousands of brightly colored postcards to Governor Schwarzenegger and the state legislature in protest of the cuts crippling the CSU.
* The finance committee, under Director Shawn Hakim, will be working hard over winter break to process hundreds of requests from organizations seeking A.S. funding. The process this year has been modified to reduce our paper usage and be more efficient.

I would also like to congratulate all of the senators that were elected in the Nov. 4elections. I’m sure they will be great assets to Associated Students, and I look forward to working with them to represent students.

Abel Pacheco

Associated Students,