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Telemedicine and its Impact on Employee Wellness Programs: Gregory Duhon, MD, Presents A Business Perspective


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Telemedicine has exploded in usage in recent years, with medical practitioners leveraging advanced technology to provide health care services remotely. The pandemic made much of this necessary, though it’s stuck around as a practice in the years since, explains Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD.

In many ways, telemedicine has had profound impacts on the physical and mental well-being of people all over the world, making healthcare services more accessible and more affordable at the same time.

Today, businesses can leverage these virtual healthcare services to enhance employee well-being and productivity. Here are some of the ways this works.

Easier Access

Location doesn’t matter in telemedicine. With virtual healthcare services, patients don’t have to build into their schedule a potentially long commute to and from a doctor’s office. Juggling items on their daily “to do” list becomes simpler when wait times in traffic and in an office don’t have to be factored in.

These may seem like minor annoyances, but the reality is that they are significant barriers to patients receiving the healthcare they need. When visiting with a doctor is as simple as browsing the internet, it becomes more likely that patients will make and keep appointments.

This makes it easier for employees to address medical concerns they may have, reducing the chance that they may just come into the office sick, which in turn increases their own production and makes it less likely that others in the workplace get sick, too.

Improved Physical Health

The big benefit of easier access to healthcare is the fact that it can lead to improved physical health. Routine appointments and follow-ups that can be conducted virtually can help medical practitioners identify health concerns before they become too serious.

Early detection is crucial with any medical issue, and these are often identified through typical primary care appointments. When people are attending these appointments more regularly, they’re more likely to be able to address issues before they balloon. 

Better Productivity

When employees are healthy, they are more productive and happier as well. The fact that telemedicine is so seamless means that patients are more satisfied with the healthcare services they receive, which in turn improves their mood as they’re getting the help they need, when they need it, Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, says.

This alone results in better productivity at the workplace. But, that’s not the only area where this is pertinent.

Employees have to take less time off to visit a doctor with telemedicine, both because of the reduced time that’s necessary and because they’re likely to be healthier. This leaves employees with more paid time off to use for pleasure, which in turn improves their mental health.

Lower Cost

Telemedicine can offer significant cost savings to both employers and employees. In the long run, virtual healthcare services are often more affordable for businesses that offer health insurance, and the premiums and related healthcare costs are typically lower for employees, too.

As mentioned before, the fact that employees are likely to be healthier as a result of telemedicine services also will lead to lower healthcare expenses, as proactive care helps to prevent larger health issues, which are often expensive.

About Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD

Dr. Gregory Duhon, MD, is the driving force behind American Consulting Physicians, a trailblazing telemedicine venture. As an accomplished Internal Medicine Physician and Hospitalist with a profound grasp of ICU, emergency room, and crisis/pandemic management, Dr. Duhon is leveraging his expertise to provide acute and chronic medical care services remotely across 15 states including Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, and more. 

His specialization in complex conditions and willingness to extend patient consultations underscore his commitment to elevating healthcare. Beyond his business pursuits, Dr. Duhon’s diverse interests encompass Ironman training, culinary exploration, passion fruit cultivation, and a dedication to advancing accessible and exceptional medical care.

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