New parking structure officially opens

Laura Stace

On Monday, parking savvy CSUN students took full advantage of a new structure that was completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

Construction of G3 began in December 2007 and was finished early due to good weather said officials.

‘We were really lucky as we had few weather delays,’ said manager of CSUN facilities and planning, Ken Rosenthal.

Rosenthal said last years rainfall in the area was one of the lowest on record.

Special assistant to the Chief of CSUN Police, Christina Villalobos, said G3 will provide students with more parking options.

‘It used to be a surface lot that had considerably less spaces,’ said Villalobos.

The transformation from surface lot to super structure cost $17.5 million and has almost 2000 spaces allocated to students.

CSUN student Ben Boyd had monitored the progress of G3’s construction and was eager to park in the new lot.

‘Parking on this side of campus is much easier now G3 is open,’ said Boyd, who normally parks on the street.

‘My friends still park on the other side of campus but they are generally late to class as it is always chaos,’ he said.

Rachel Sharoni says she decided to try parking in G3 after she received an email from CSUN Parking services.

‘It’s closer to my Monday and Wednesday classes,’ said Sharoni, who used to park in B3.’Today I am thrilled that I will be getting to class on time,’ she said.

Fernando Maduro did not receive an email or witness the structures construction.

He discovered G3 by accident as he was searching for a parking spot.

‘Now I will have a shorter walk to class and not have to deal with the other crowded lots,’ said Maduro.

G3 is located on the corner of Zelzah Avenue and Dearborn Street.