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How Can Innovative Sanitation Solutions Impact Student Health?


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We send our children off to school hoping for the best. Facilities that ensure the health and well-being of their staff and students is so important. We give a lot of attention to the education that we receive, and rightfully so.

However, there is more to be aware of to ensure the safety of our children when they go to school. One important element to consider is sanitation solutions. With so many people convened in one place, creating a sanitary, safe, and healthy environment is more important than ever. 

There are many innovative solutions that can positively impact the health and well-being of every student. Learn more below. 

Creating a Hygienic Environment

Schools have a certain responsibility to provide sanitation solutions for their students, but the question is where does this responsibility extend to? Is it just to ensure there is soap and hand sanitizer available or is there more to a hygienic standard? 

Many schools have turned to touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and flushing technology. There are plenty of automated doors and rules to follow for sickness. There is technology that provides air purifications, systems for water purification, and other elements that a school can use. However, these details are not often talked about to help parents and bystanders understand what is being done for the students and staff within a facility. 

There is no shame in asking questions, but a school should also be open and have many different sanitation solutions in place to create a safe and sanitized learning environment for everyone. 

Cleaning with Care

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges schools face is choosing the right cleaners to sanitize with safety. There are many chemicals that contain toxins and could cause more issues than they are worth. Yet a school needs to be able to sanitize and know that it will be effective. 

Many schools have turned to electrolyzed oxidative water for cleaning and sanitation. These types of solutions can be used to replace all of those sanitation chemicals that are used so often in schools. Rather than using ammonium or bleach and other chemicals, electrolyzed oxidative water provides widespread sanitation solutions for all high-touch surfaces. It can be used for any cleaning and sanitization purpose. 

Improving Clean Water Access

Clean water is a complicated topic, but one that needs to be considered. Local municipalities that provide public water are required to meet certain standards, but those standards are often less than impressive.

When it comes to hydration and overall health, proper water infrastructure is pretty important. The goal should be to reduce waterborne illnesses as well as dehydration by providing quality water and easy access to clean water. 

A school can set up hydration stations throughout their facility to ensure students have access to clean water. There should be designated water breaks throughout the day as well. In addition, the school can take it one step further by implementing filtration systems to ensure the provision of safe drinking water for every student.  

Promoting Sanitation Education and Behaviors

While the school can take many steps to provide sanitation solutions to their students and staff, they can only do so much. The students and staff also have a certain responsibility to follow proper protocols and use the sanitation solutions available to them. Educating everyone that uses the facility on the tactics and solutions available will be important to promoting success where sanitation is concerned. 

Whether there are routine meetings and training, information provided through orientation and regular updates, or another method of sharing critical sanitation information, there must be something in place. Implementing technology and options is only as good as ensuring those using those solutions understand proper use and benefits. 


Schools can use innovative solutions and technology to implement improved sanitation solutions in many ways. Educating students and staff on the value of sanitation and proper practices is an important part of this process. Take control of the health of the future by understanding the challenges, working to implement change, and providing education for all.

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