Letter to the Editor


I am a sophomore at Cal State University of Northridge. I was reading the Daily Sundial Feb. 2, 2009 edition in the opinion section and I came across an interesting article by Devin Brown: Education should be CSUN’s priority, not the Games Room. After reading the article, I understood that her argument was for the greater good of professionalism. However, I am one of the many students who do sometimes get overwhelmed by school, and occasionally need a break. I argue that it is more convenient for a student to go to the Games Room and relax, play games and enjoy themselves rather than the alternatives: Drink because they feel ‘stressed’, smoke marijuana to try and relax, or just to give up.

Once in awhile I get so overworked by school I feel I deserve a break. I love games by the way, what better way to relax than by going to the Games Room? Although the new improvements for the Games Room are a little expensive, and so are our new dorms, I commute and yet my tuition dollars are going towards a dorm that I will never visit. Games are things that I enjoy, a stress reliever, and cheaper than the dorms. I prefer to have somewhere to go when I feel overwhelmed with school so that I can get back on track and enjoy being a Matador. Moreover, I understand that CSUN’s priorities are a little outdated however I see the Games Room as no real threat to CSUN financially. I believe there are bigger threats. For instance, the dorms which most students can’t afford but all are paying for it through our tuition fees. Also, the parking lot, that is far too expensive, we are paying for it out of our tuition, why can’t there be free parking? My point is that there are bigger financial issues, and I believe that the Games Room is not one of them.

Brittania Hurst