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Jacky Guerrero

Some alternatives before we break out into

By Aaron Helmbrecht Contributing reporter
Published on December 8, 2009

First of all, most students can’t just “deal with it.” Some of us at CSUN have been waiting five or even six years to graduate because we can’t get our major requirements. Plus CSUN has an infinite number of GE classes that everyone has to take which severely holds students back. I know someone who could only get 10 credits for next semester, none of which are to her major, because when she registered for classes yesterday everything was full. She’s thinking about dropping out of college all together because the system has completely screwed her over.
What CSUN students need to do is take direct action, study the conditions of the situation, and see what needs to be done to get back what has been stolen from the students. The cause of these budget cuts has everything to do with the capitalist class stealing from the middle class to give to the rich. Has anyone mentioned that when ol’ Arnie slashed away at public education he agreed to give some of the biggest corporations in California tax breaks. And look how big oil in the state is able to weasel their way out of paying much taxes. In California (or even more specifically, in the USA in general) the ruling capitalist class has way too much power and influence over political leaders. I agree that there’s no way a few spontaneous protests made up of 20-30 students on the CSUN campus are going to fix the problem, and neither will “vent at the tent” type stunts. Why? Because they have no effect on the ruling class. CSUN students need to massively organize (a sort of “people’s war”) and demand that both Gov. Schwarzenegger and Chancellor Reed resign AND demand that a new economic system be put in place in the state of California where class equality will slowly progress. No more budget cuts to public education, no more tuition hikes, no more barriers to making sure everyone is able to get a higher education. From each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her need. It’s really that simple.

Nice try, but this article is a failure. A failure to understand what is more important. Yeah, sure we could suck it up, look on the bright side and be happy with what we have.
But is that really the right way to approach life? You call this a learning experience, but are you suggesting that people’s approach to life be “Settle for what you can get?”
Students who do not try, slack off or fail because they’re not dedicated don’t deserve to have their hand held all the way to graduation.
But face it, this is a state university, the goals of the public university system are to provide education to anyone who wants it, and to keep the costs low.
Make it work, California. Student’s shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of sloppy, irresponsible management in Sacramento.