Closing arguments will come Thursday for Tresvant, Braswell

Alonso Tacanga

City Editor Adolfo Flores reporting:

Mark H. Williams, Jeffrey Braswell’s attorney, said “the standard for deciding if a case goes to court is very low,” suggesting the son of the CSUN men’s basketball coach and Deon Tresvant’s case will most likely become a trial after arguments scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.

Detective John Macchiarella, who represented the prosecution, said that Tresvant and Braswell had stolen from the Porter Ranch Best Buy prior to the alleged New Year’s Day incident. He said that the store didn’t press charges because there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove it. However, he said Tresvant and Braswell admitted to doing it when he interrogated them post the Jan. 1 accussation.

Macchiarella also alleged that Braswell’s father, Bobby, was given all the stolen merchandise to return to Best Buy.