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MPSF Semifinals: CSUN eliminated as Waves come back and win 3-1


The Matadors seemingly had nothing left in the tank and Pepperdine overwhelmed them in a 30-23 fourth-set win. The Waves won three straight sets and won the game 3-1 to advance to the MPSF championship game.

Pepperdine win 30-23: Eric Vance got himself one last kill, but the Matadors lost the set and their season comes to an end.

Pepperdine leads 29-22: In about two seconds, the great CSUN career of senior Eric Vance and the 2009 Matadors’ season will come to an end.

Pepperdine leads 24-17: Paul Carroll with another kill and his biggest fan in the stands (sarcasm*) hasn’t said anything to him in a while. 

Pepperdine leads 20-13: At this point, the timeout taken by Jeff Campbell is only delaying the inevitable: a Waves’ win. Pepperdine has been the better team ever since it took that second set. The Matadors also haven’t been the same since that point. They’ve totally lost their mojo.

Pepperdine leads 16-10: The Waves are playing like there is no doubt about who the better team is. Meanwhile, the Matadors are just trying to find some fire in a timeout. CSUN’s 2009 season is about to be over unless there’s some miracle comeback here in the next minutes.

Pepperdine leads 12-8: With the exception of Eric Vance, most of the Matadors’ body language says “we’re going to lose.” There’s plenty of set left to change that attitude.

Pepperdine leads 7-4: No such luck. The Waves getting out to a somewhat comfortable lead early on.

Pepperdine leads 4-3: Matadors trying to keep up early on.


  1. Jake Apr 30, 2009

    Not the way I wanted the men’s volleyball team to end their season.
    Proud of the entire team.
    Eric…thanks so much for playing for CSUN.

    Go Matadors!!

  2. Jake Apr 30, 2009

    Body language says a whole lot and if Pepperdine can see that they’ll be stepping on our necks and closing this set out real fast.

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