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Relax CSUN, everyone does it


In an effort to take our print product to the next level this semester, the editorial staff at the Daily Sundial has agreed to start a weekly column dedicated to everything and anything related to sex.

Why you may ask? Because sex is one of those subjects you can’t avoid even if you tried.

You see it in movies, hear it in songs, people make side jokes using “that’s what she said” towards comments that can be interpreted as sexual. And let’s not forget, we are located next to Chatsworth, the porn capital of the country.

The reason we decided to bring an open discussion about sex into the paper is because we felt there was a lack of discussion on this campus. Often times we are bombarded with misinformation about sex and thus continue the cycle while applying those myths to our daily sex lives.

This column hopes to bring about educated and interesting sex topics to the table in a safe and open space.

In my experience, talking about sex with my peers is the best way to be more informed so that we as adults can make better decisions when we choose to engage in any forms of sexual activities.

The topics that we will cover will range from orgies to abstinence, straight to gay sex, masturbation to cheating, along with a wide variety of other subjects.

There aren’t many restrictions with this column, with the exception that the dialogue must always be respectful and without any negative connotation towards anyone or any group of people.

We believe this is vital so that the CSUN community grows to feel comfortable when talking about sex.

Because we are speaking to more than 36,000 students who all have different experiences,we will aim to provide a fair and balance perspective to that week’s topic.

We highly encourage readers to submit their own articles about their opinions, experiences or questions about sex.

Anyone who has comments, questions, or concerns are also encouraged to let them be known.

We, the Daily Sundial, are only a small percentage of the entire CSUN campus, thus we might miss writing about a specific subject matter. That is why we encourage you the reader to write to us if you feel we need to cover, or have left out, a certain subject.

We will also be introducing a weekly question submitted by readers about any concerns that you may have about sex. Once we have selected a question, we will forward it to a professor that we will be working with from The Center for Sex and Gender Research department to have an experienced professional answer your question online and in our print version.


  1. J Sep 9, 2010

    Brianna Heeger is a dedicated student and out going member of the community. She is a young woman of faith and high moral character. Why doesn’t anyone screen these comments?

  2. JON Jul 24, 2010

    Do you encourage and approve of CSUN students becoming porn stars and representing there school in videos. http://www.exploitedcollegegirls.com LAURA 18 is actually student Brianna Heeger AKA Taylor Daye and talks openly about attending CSUN in her porn video. I don’t think “everyone does it” quite applies here.

  3. Esikian Oct 16, 2009

    send for me sexy picthers

  4. Porr Sep 16, 2009

    Sex is really part of our existence. Can u imagine life without sex?

  5. Lucy Sep 3, 2009

    Alright so the comment above mine must have been written when the writer was completely sloshed or he believes he is being witty by commenting on how the article apparently invites students to have sex with its employees. Please try and be respectful of the editors and understand that directing sex topics and issues into the campus newspaper is a good thing since many students are unaware of the dangers there are whenever any type of sex is involved; its not always about pleasure. I am a little surprised that the title was so bold as to say “everyone does it” since many students on campus are also virgins, so we need to take that into consideration as well. But besides that, thank you for incorportaing this sensitive topic into the newspaper and i am sure more students will pay attention to the Sundial from now on haha.

  6. Mr. Sex Sep 3, 2009

    Since the headline of this story reads, “Relax CSUN, everyone does it,” in regards to having sex, I believe it is an open inviation to have sex with not only the author of this story, but anyone on the Daily Sundial Staff. The Daily Sundial has decided to stoop to a low level to try and get someone to pick up their paper and in doing so I believe they should stand by their words. Since “everyone does it,” I would like to have sex with every woman on the Daily Sundial, including faculty. Because the Daily Sundial has decided that we are all mature enough to talk about this subject matter, I would like to maturely talk about when and I where I can have sex with the staff.

    1. Reply to Mr. Sex Sep 14, 2009

      How many people have sex because of one sentence in their college newspaper?

  7. Joseph Glatzer Aug 28, 2009

    they film a lot of low budget porn in van nuys too ;)

  8. Jared Morgan Aug 28, 2009

    I thought Van Nuys was porn capital. I’m writing my congressman and Ron Jeremy.

  9. kevin Aug 26, 2009

    finally…this reminds me of the tuesday editions of the daily paper at Cal…

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