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Four up and coming social media sites you have never heard of


Medium is a new blogging platform a step above in sophistication
from Tumblr.

College students are usually up to date with all the latest social media fads. We’ve all heard of Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Reddit and Twitter — just to name a few. Posting photos and updating statuses has become a hobby, likes and retweets are a competition and hashtags are a part of daily vocabulary. But with the advent of smartphones and an ever-growing app library, startups are gaining steam at light speed and new social media sites spring up almost daily.

Though there are plenty of new platforms out there waiting to be the next big thing, most of them go unrecognized. Here are a few sites you’ve never heard of, primed to one-up some of today’s most popular networks: Sulia, Learnist, Medium and Thumb.


Sulia is a social media site where users are able follow topics they find interesting. If you’re interested in art, fashion, entertainment, architecture, design, technology, sports and politics, you can find it all on Sulia. Users are able to post, like, comment and share their posts. Though Sulia looks like Pinterest, its setup is very similar to Flipboard. Unlike Flipboard, which is magazine-generated, Sulia is subject-generated and users are able to publish their content according to a specific subject. For example, if you have a recipe you want to share, you can post it directly to the “recipes and cooking” section. If you love beer and are interested in posting about your beer experiences, or looking for something for your taste buds, Sulia dedicates a section just for that.


Learnist is another social media site that has yet to gain popularity, but has the potential to capture college student interest. Learnist is very user friendly which also displays another Pinterest-like interface. Since it is designed for users to share what they know and learn from each other, they can follow other users’ boards based on their interests. If you are looking for additional help on planning your next trip and learning a language, Learnist provides users with detailed content such as videos, blog-like posts, pictures and links to other sites.


Another site to add to your social media rolodex is Medium. Medium is a blogging platform where writers can express themselves in a way that is unique. The audience is already built-in, and the layout is clean, chic and image-heavy. Writers publish their stories, which are connected with others who have similar content. Medium also assists writers with editing their stories and readers are able to post “notes” with their thoughts and suggestions on specific paragraphs. Although medium is very similar to Tumblr and WordPress, it is more curated and interactive.

Thumb lets you ask questions and give feedback on the little things that can cause a quandary in every day life.

Thumb lets you ask questions and give feedback on the little things that can cause a quandary in every day life.


Thumb is a social media site where posters are able to get instant feedback from other users. Users can post questions and ask for feedback about clothes, movies, music, books and recipes. Other users can give them a thumbs up or thumbs down in seconds and post additional comments. Say you’re at the movies and you can’t decide what movie to see. Simply post it on Thumb and within minutes, you can generate responses from users. Maybe you’re trying to decide what to wear to your first job interview. “Thumb” it and before you know it, you have the perfect outfit.

If you’re sick of Facebook and all the other social media titans, there’s a relatively underground platform for everyone. If you’re indecisive, try Thumb. If you’re the blogger looking for a new forum to express yourself, Medium is the one for you. And if you’re a curious person with a passion for fun and educational facts, we’d like to think of Sulia and Learnist as your off-time college surrogates. Click away!


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