‘Shark Week’: Analyzing shark attacks from the West Coast to the East Coast

With a yellowtail snapper dodging in front, a lemon shark cruises. (Ken Riddick/Charlotte Observer/MCT). Photo Courtesy of MCT

Dubbed as “the most wonderful week of the year,” according to Discovery Channel, the “jawsome” week-long programming of fictional and nonfictional shark videos is almost here.

Started back on July 17, 1988, “Shark Week” was initially intended to raise awareness and respect for sharks. However the programming has developed into more of an annual entertainment outlet that typically takes place in July or August.

“Shark Week” takes the crown for the longest airing cable programming in event history, and is now broadcasted in over 72 countries, according to Discovery Channel.

The “jawsome” week has featured the prehistoric 15.9 million year old Megalodon, along with many other sharks in programs such as “Sharks After Dark.”

Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” starts Sunday, July 5.