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Students march for new EOP director

Students protest for new EOP director

Students gathered at the Oviatt Library lawn Thursday to request that current Associate Director Shiva Parsa be hired as head director of the Educational Opportunity Program.

Around 100 students marched to President Dianne Harrison’s office to deliver a formal request that the administration appoint Parsa as interim director of EOP.

Before the passing of EOP director José Luis Vargas, Parsa worked alongside him for 26 years, making her the obvious choice for his replacement, according to student members of EOP.

“With an EOP program like this, you need trust, you need values and [Parsa] has that and we’re saying, ‘What greater person do you need?,'” CSUN student Abraham Baeza said. “Who do you need to search for when [Parsa] was working around the director that made this happen for 26 years? Why do they have to go through this process? It doesn’t make sense.”









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1 Comment

  1. Teddy Edwards May 19, 2016

    So let’s get this straight: A bunch of students are against a fair interviewing process and are willing to deny interviewees the opportunity to secure a job for which they may be better qualified because these students decided they have a friend and are willing to bully their way to get it for him.

    These students should be expelled.

    A university is not their practice field for launching coups and threatening violence and screaming and whining and crying their way to a goal of destroying the opportunities of others. And the selection process is none of their business.

    In short, they’re punks.

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