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A.S. elections: presidential candidate disqualified, VP continues race

woman happily standing behind a podium dressed in a black blouse

Associated Students presidential candidate, Diana Vicente, has been disqualified from running in the 2018 election.

A.S. held a Judicial Court hearing Monday, where it was decided that Vicente, a former member of the Election Committee, violated the elections code preventing Election Committee members from running in the same academic year. Presidential candidate Alex Canas, who is running against Vicente, filed the complaint about the violation.

Vicente’s vice presidential candidate Roselva Merida has five days from Monday to find a new president to run with or she will be disqualified.

Update: March 29, 10:30 p.m.

Beverly Ntagu, fourth-year psychology major and child and adolescent development minor, will run alongside Merida for A.S. President.


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