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Relationships Happen: Never too old for crushes

The symptoms are obvious: continuous silly smile, dazed look in the eyes and utter obliviousness to all surroundings.

As we’ve gotten older and more “experienced” in the relationship game, most of us don’t refer to this condition as a “crush,” anymore. Instead, we’ve tried to conceal the undeniable truth as “being interested in someone,” personally one of my favorite phrases. One that I use freely and often.

But when it all comes down to it, it’s a crush, a schoolyard crush. In the most basic form it’s a slew of emotions that aren’t really based on any real rationale, usually just physical attraction, and whatever fantastical ideas we’ve managed to conjure up.

The funny thing is, although we may not refer to these emotions as a crush, our behavior deeply resembles elementary schoolyard antics. We act certain ways when we’re “in crush.” True our techniques are now a little more discreet and sophisticated, but the silliness of it all is apparent.

I recently met someone new, who I am definitely “interested in,” and I’ve found myself behaving the same way as when I was much younger. I must say, that technology has made admiring a crush so much easier. I really envy today’s younger generations who will never experience the agony of hand-writing silly notes and having to personally deliver, through a friend, the note to their crush.

Anyhow, I must thank Facebook for helping me to progress with my current crush. And without making myself look too obsessive or too much like a giggling schoolgirl, I will only say that I cleverly got him to friend request me.

No, I did not have to trick him or beg him into adding me, I simply made myself visible to him. This would be the equivalent of showing up to the Friday night football game back in high school.

When faced with a crush it can be difficult to keep a straight face when all we want to do is smile due to their presence. Thankfully, the few times that I have been in his company there were others around, a sort of friend-crush buffer.

I find myself trying to make sure that I look like I’m having fun, always smiling and trying to show interest in the conversation. This usually works out, but the difficulty of this technique is making sure not to overdo it. Because after all, we don’t want to come off some immature, baffling idiot. Speaking from personal experience, this is something the younger people may not successfully accomplish right away.

I think the most appealing and thrilling part about having a crush are the little things that can put a smile on our face. Hearing them say our name, finding comments on Facebook from them or just having them laugh at our stupid jokes.

Having a crush can be fun because it’s usually the start of something new, whether it’s a friendship or an actual relationship, crushes are usually just plain entertaining. A crush keeps our minds occupied during those long uneventful days and something to talk about with our friends.

Perhaps the only downside of having a crush at this point in life is that if the “relationship” doesn’t evolve into what we want, than the crushing effect can really be harsh. Because let’s face it, back when we were younger crushes came and went on a weekly basis.

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