Poetry, Artistic Opinions Wanted

William Herbe

Listen up Matadors,

Have the budget cuts ticked you off for the last time? Do you think President Obama or President Koester are doing a good job? What about unemployment or the dismal prospects of a job when you graduate? Check it:

When you’re on the road,

on your bike or at home,

Words and thoughts travel through your dome,

So write them down and send them to the Sundial,

So we can share and enjoy and reap what you’ve sown.

Voice your angst, excitement or praise. And while you’re doing it have some fun. Please submit your opinions in the form of a poem, haiku, song or artistic expression. Cover any topic you’d like and send to opinion@sundial.csun.edu or you can add them below in the comments section. But if you want to be in the paper and for Matador land to know who you are please leave your name, class standing and major. All submissions with the requested contact info will be printed in Monday’s issues.