Channel energy into positive action

Alan Der Ohannessian


CSUN students are good at praising the value of education but they have an odd way of showing dissatisfaction. The other day, students started trashing Sundial papers in response to an opinion piece.

The editorial claimed that with enhanced motivation fraternities and sororities can practice more philanthropy.

Recently there have been a couple of marches on campus in support of education including COST and the Chicano Studies Dept. as well as the March Walkout this Thursday.

They were protested against budget cuts which has led to teacher furloughs and difficulty finding classes.

Many students are uniting for this one purpose.

People are entitled to their opinions, however, that doesn’t mean the angry party should harm them.

Instead of spending time fighting, students should work together and find ways to increase classes and eliminate furloughs.

People in college are considered to be critical thinkers, however, thrashing somebody else’s work doesn’t take much thinking. That’s what happens when people let anger take control of their actions.

The next time students have a problem, they should channel anger into productive use.

As author Lyman Abbott once said, “Do not teach your children never to be angry; teach them how to be angry.”