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The offensive ladies’ lavatory at CSUN

A sea of toilet paper makes a home on the floor, not in the toilet bowl, in the first floor women’s restroom in Manzanita Hall, Monday Mar. 8. Alexandra Brell / Staff Reporter

I have something to say; it has been on my mind for two and a half years and I have to get it off my chest: Ladies, you are slobs.
Yes, I said it. Girls, you can be gross. What hurts the most is that you messy gals are more than likely among my own people: the ladies of Mike Curb College.

I don’t know you by name; I don’t even know your faces. I know you by the toilet paper, seat covers and wadded up paper towels that you leave on the floor of the women’s bathroom in Manzanita Hall. I know it is you by the unflushed toilets and excessive amount of the aforementioned paper products stuffed into the bowl.

I have used these bathrooms for a couple of years and have been so appalled I promised myself to write an angry letter to the university demanding answers: why was my tuition not being applied towards cleaning the stalls, leaving me completely grossed out when answering the call of nature?

I came to the realization, however, that much of the problem lies with the source.

I did not want to believe that future journalists, with their eloquent writing skills, excellent grammar and overall command of the English language could have such a dark, dirty side. Therefore, I did some research.

I took a quick tour of several ladies’ rooms on campus (not my first choice on how to spend free time, but I am committed). Powder rooms in Eucalyptus Hall and the education building were not so bad (Michal D. Eisner would be proud). Sierra Hall and Juniper Hall, however, were less than stellar and the same infractions were present.

It would be easy to blame this on janitorial staff shrinkage via budget cuts, but I won’t. I have noticed this problem since I came to CSUN in 2007, before the big budget brouhaha we are facing now.

A smaller campus cleaning staff is no excuse at all, though. Even if there were one custodial worker to every female student, it still would not give you the right to toss your hygiene wrappers on the floor. Nor does it excuse the extreme lack of coordination that allows some of you to miss the gaping 24” x 24” trash can target, leaving paper towel wads in the furthest corners. How do you miss such a sure shot?

Despite the fact that so little time is spent in the ladies’ room, I am more than happy to sacrifice convenience for cleanliness; I have found another bathroom that appears to be used by conscientious women who are respectful of others and who throw away their trash. I’m not telling you which one it is. You can either look for it yourself or change your nasty ways.

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