Lebron James, act like a man

Alan Der Ohannessian

Lebron James talks a good game, but he can’t hide the truth. It was reported a couple of days ago that he wanted to change his number to six to honor Michael Jordan.

The truth is he wants to become the first billionaire  sports figure and changing his number is his way to boost his already inflated fortune.

He was born in poverty in a gang-infested neighborhood in Akron, Ohio.

His mother would change apartments from time to time because it wasn’t safe.

He’s said in interviews” The Rise of Black Over Class,”  and he doesn’t always want to be 80% basketball and 20% business; he wants to make that change gradually.

He has contracts with Upper Deck, Coca-Cola, State Farm Insurance and a $90 million contract with Nike.

He fired his agent and gathered his childhood friends and started LRMR, a Cleveland based sports marketing firm.

Also, he has Investor Warren buffet as his own economic advisor.

What do you think all these indicate?


He wants to conquer the business world.

He wants to surpass Kobe in jersey sales.

However, he says it’s to honor Michael Jordan

Lebron, don’t hide behind your rhetoric. Spit it out.: this is a business decision, not to honor his “Airness.”