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Racism isn’t a thing of the past

“Ghetto chicks usually have gold teeth, start fights and drama, and wear cheap clothes. Ghetto chicks have a very limited vocabulary and attempt to make up for it by forming new words…or simply cursing persistently or using other types of vulgarities, and making noises such as ‘hmmg!’ or smacking their lips…”

So read the Facebook invitation for UCSD’s Feb. 15 “Compton Cookout.” Before someone writes the inevitable “it’s just a joke get over it” on the Sundial’s comment section online; think for a few minutes first.

Until the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, “minstrel shows” mocking black people was openly accepted. White entertainers with black makeup on their faces portrayed black people as lazy, ignorant and buffoonish. The “Compton Cookout” is no less than a 21st Century minstrel show.

African Americans comprise only 2 percent of UCSD’s student body; the lowest percentage in the entire UC system. African American students have also reported being spit on while walking around on campus in broad daylight.

Over the next few weeks after the “cookout,” a noose and Ku Klux Klan hood were found prominently displayed on campus.

The Black Student Union has declared the climate for racial minorities on campus to be in a “state of emergency.” When black students can’t even go to school without fear of harassment, being spit on or being subjected to blatant racism: it’s not a joke, it is an emergency.

In America (and I suspect most other countries) there are “privileged populations” and “marginalized populations.” You know…“the other,” the ones that just aren’t “like us.” Which group you’re put in determines whether you’re just “blowing off steam” or if you’re “a dangerous extremist.”

An Associated Press article describes recent discriminatory incidents: “Swastikas, nooses, a KKK hood, graffiti, epithets and jeers;” including a swastika and homophobic graffiti found at UC Davis.

Then, something strange happens. The article continues, “On the Irvine campus, the Israeli ambassador was heckled to the extent that he was forced to end a speech early.” Really?

The ambassador in question is Michael Oren; also a spokesman for the Israeli Army during the Operation Cast Lead attack on Gaza. Richard Goldstone, a distinguished prosecutor of Rwandan and Nazi war criminals, exhaustively investigated and concluded Israel committed war crimes in the attack. This makes Michael Oren an apologist for war crimes; essentially a propaganda minister for a criminal regime.

The student who put up the noose at UCSD has been suspended, with no criminal charges pending. The UC Irvine protestors were arrested on the spot and are facing possible misdemeanor charges and expulsion from school. In fact, Republican State Assemblyman Chuck Devore is advocating a total ban on the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine.
There is plenty of oppression of marginalized communities right here at CSUN. There are multiple blood donation fliers vandalized with the words “no faggots” on them. As far as I know, this has not been reported in the Sundial.

In an article last semester in the Sundial, MEChA co-chair Abraham Ramirez described the racial profiling his community suffered: “They saw us and decided to use us for their experiments. Because we were students of color, they felt they could use us as their freaking test subjects.”

Mexican students having a meeting on the lawn at CSUN: They shouldn’t be complaining, they’re lucky to be here!

African-Americans being spit on at UCSD: Get over it already!

Arab-American protestors, many of whom happen to be Muslim: You’re lucky we let you into this country in the first place. Why don’t you go complain to your buddies in Hamas?
White Compton Cookout/noose-hanging/KKK hood displaying students at UCSD: Good kids who just got a little out of hand. Can’t “those people” just get a sense of humor already!?

White Jewish spokesman for the most sanctioned regime in the world: he shares our Judeo-Christian values and America’s commitment to democracy and freedom.

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