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Obama, step up stance on Iran

John Kami
Contributing reporter

Our president’s approach to solving Iran’s issues could hurt his image as President of a first class nation.

Upon entering office, Obama blamed his predecessor as the reason for Iran not being fair to the world. He did not realize that Iran has had a long history of abuse to its own people, and it is unlikely that it will cooperate with the rest of the world let alone its citizens

Although Obama’s policy focus was on solving local-level problems, his effectiveness has resulted in failure: look at our nation’s unemployment rate. His hesitancy in taking real action against Iran does not give Americans confidence and neither does it answer the pleas for help from Iran’s opposition.

This does not look good for Obama’s ability to mediate problems.

It’s not an issue about our country’s ego given the different opinions people have in why I write about Iran’s unjust government, but rather that Obama’s hesitancy only allows the major problems of the U.S. and the rest of the world to grow.

Our economy continues to suffer at a standstill, and Iran’s acting like a major bully to other nations and most notably to its own people. During the 31st anniversary of Iran’s regime, protestors outnumbered the government supporters, but hundreds of people were brutally beaten by police.

The Iranian government did not allow any media coverage to try and hide its injustices against the innocent. In addition, Iran’s government restricted e-mail use under the claim that it wants the people to use government-monitored services controlled by its military used in an effort to persecute anyone who offends the government.

Ayatollah Khomeini came into power and overthrew the Shah in 1979. Khomeini, a man of non-Persian (Indian) ancestry proclaimed that he was a prophet and the last Imam of Shi’a Islam. He promised the people of Iran free water and energy usage if they helped cause a revolution to bring in a “democracy” that disguised a religious fundamentalism controlled by a non-elected supreme leader.

Once the Shah was overthrown and the Islamic Republic’s tyranny began, the government began charging its people for water and power. Hillary Clinton recently mentioned that Iran has become a “military dictatorship,” according to Fox news.

Obama’s administration has failed to secure the release of three missing American hostages who were arrested in Iraq by Iranian authorities. I can only imagine how angry the families of these missing hostages feel when it’s been nearly a year since their kidnapping. If the hostages are released they will be forced to communicate with outside journalists using Iran’s telephones on the conditions of lies by saying that they were treated well by their abusive captors.

Then if the three hostages make it back to the U.S. alive, and would want to reveal the true tortures that they suffered, the media might fail to give much attention to the issue.

Americans are too focused on how much they pay for gasoline when they don’t know that everything is connected. When the humanitarian health of the outside world is in poor condition, then there will likely be disunity within our own nation. If we reduce our oil dependency and show Iran’s government that its natural resources are becoming useless, its economy will not only collapse but it will have fewer financial resources to help persecute its own innocent people.

Obama’s hesitancy to take bolder actions when dealing with Iran seems like he is trying to appease Iran. It doesn’t make sense that if our president wants to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons, he continues to allow Iran’s government to exist and abuse its people. Most of the world is on the opposition’s side. Obama has more than enough support if he decides to finally solve issues in Iran. The world is finding out about Iran’s cruelty to humanity and now the Islamic Republic cannot deny its abusive fetishes anymore after 31 years of strife and thievery.

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