Sundial Poetry

Skyler Maxwell

Black Man

Black Man black man is all that they be clappin
tryin to tear my image down like I don’t even exist
then you want to get all scared when you see that shadow in the midst
pumpin the fist
yeah that’s me and I’m coming closer,
but not for you I’m coming to accomplish my dreams
while I’m laughing at you nay sayers, like the joker
because honestly you didn’t even expect me to get this far
you counted me out long time ago said I would be dead or behind bars
serving a sentence but knowing who I am
Black Man black man
I never listened and I wasn’t about to let anything stop me
just knew I wanted to get that green like broccoli
So I started out with a vision then I added a plan
Then came along a man saying “Yes We Can”
on top of that I put in my hard work and dedication
as a result now I can say “Yes We Did”
Sometimes it doesn’t even feel real
like what’s the deal
because they still clappin Black Man black man
but the difference is they clappin for him
while he’s standing on top of Capitol Hill

Skyler Maxwell
Senior, Public Health Education