Friends with the Enemy (part 1/2)

Friends with the Enemy (part 1/2)

Laleh Haverim

“Friends with the Enemy” shows the stories of three different American soldiers and their experiences in war.

We have George Gillman Key Jr., a WWII veteran…Sid Mendoza, an Iraq Veteran and Scholarship and Enrollment officer at California State University Northridge… and Iraq veteran and Los Angeles organizer of A.N.S.W.E.R ( Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Michael Prysner.

While interviewing war veterans about their experiences, I found a commonality.

No matter if the veteran was pro war or anti war, when it came to a one-to-one face to face interaction between the enemies, they actually bonded and became friends.

Many people say that “war is human nature”, but what I found was that compassion and care is the real nature of human beings, and that war stems from fear and survival… war is a human reaction to deal with the fear.

On an economic level, this documentary shows death statistics and the financial cost of the current wars America is in- Iraq and Afghanistan .