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CSUN confronts moral dilemma: Practice human rights and human decency

Last week the CSUN community was shocked by the news that an economics professor was running his own website about sex-tourism in Thailand. This week we are discussing the issue and welcome your input. Go to to comment or e-mail your response to

As a woman, and human being, there are many things economics professor Kenneth Ng has posted which are considerably alarming, but here are a couple which really stood out:

“The naysayers will say its creepy to be hanging around the Muariti Shrine, hitting on the emotionally vulnerable girls desperately praying and paying Buddha for a better love life but I beg to differ,” Ng wrote on his personal website, according to an L.A. Daily News story. “Buddha works in mysterious ways.” And, “The Thailand Girls Scene is all about expanded opportunities. It allows you to do things that just cannot be done in ‘The World’ or lowers the cost so much that a guy with a normal income can do things which he could never afford in ‘The World.”

The last time I checked, Thailand was part of the world. Now, I’m assuming what he meant was that it isn’t part of America and ‘his world,’ and that’s alarming. Any person who can leave their country and tell themselves they’ve left the world is a threat.

There are such things as human rights and human decency, which cannot be left at home. Having the ability to emotionally and mentally remove yourself from the situation is narcissistic. Ng has broken down some of the ugliest and most beautiful parts of life into a simple ‘supply and demand,’ ‘dollars and cents’ mentality and a view that Ng says best:
“Legions of Thai girls from poor, uneducated, impoverished backgrounds have found opportunity and a better life by working in Bangkok bars and meeting foreign men over the years,” Ng wrote according to an LA Weekly article last week.

A comment from David on Ng’s website, before the content was removed, read:

Apr-20 at 4:31 p.m.: “Wow, all your posts are super interesting. I’ve been to Thailand a couple times but have only been to straight-up sex places. I like what you do better, attempt to establish a relationship first which of course makes the entire experience more interesting. If only more of my friends were down to take trips like this.”

Now, I’d like to add my own comment: Professor Ng, you are accountable for all of your actions especially while in another country.

What if while you were in Thailand you were kidnapped, who would have been responsible for getting you home safely? America. What if someone took you for ransom because of the extreme insults you have laid on the women and religion of Thailand? Who would be responsible for your safe return? America would be responsible even if what you were doing is in violation of American laws.

An insult to women in any country is an insult to all women in every country. A violation of human rights in any country is a violation of human rights in all countries.
Your website was read by people all over the world and I would assume, Americans. Any website which promotes the objectification and materialization of women is a threat to women across the world, and yes the world includes both Thailand and America.

Again from the same Daily News article, Ng said, “This is a university, everybody here is an adult. The university is not here to shield people from the world, but to expose people to the real world.”

I agree professor Ng, let’s inform the students of the truth of the matter.

You claim to be only involved in the girl scene in other countries, so what about the people reading your blogs who are involved in the American sex scene? Maybe they’re reading your words of advice and taking action here in the states. Your blogs read as if you truly believe this is a game, or as one post on your site states, ‘pussy hunt.’

There’s a greater battle going on, one where women and children are sold into a world filled with disease, murder, drug abuse and rape. There is nothing fun or pleasurable about this world, this is the real story and this is the real world.

Bringing your money to a foreign country to take part in the ‘girl scene’ is not helping the poor uneducated women.

How many little girls have been sold for sex and how many people hide under the black veil that they’re giving these women a better life? How many little girls grow up to be women working for sex? How many of these women die long before their hearts stop beating?

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