Letter to the editor: May 4, 2010


Dear editor,

Contrary to the ancient superstitions of the Catholic church, it is not the special mediator of God on this earth; the Pope is not infallible and no closer to divinity than the horde of prostitutes who congregate within Vatican city on Sundays.

The Church is a man-made institution and as such it is prone to the worldy vices and crimes that all earthly, man-made institutions are subject. The campaign against the Roman Church within the media, and the inevitable anti-Catholicism which it predictably illicits from former Catholics, like Aaron Helmbrecht, who writes sincerely and bitterly about not being able to masturbate with a free-conscience in his teens, is suspicious in many ways.

Why during the holiest week for Catholics and Christians in general, Easter, did reporters Laurie Goodstein at the New York Times on March 24, and  Lisa Miller of Newseek two days later, release their sensational accounts pederasty, together with innuendo tying the Pope to a cover-up? The current Pope has attracted the ire of powerful interests, and a message is being sent by the mouth-pieces of those interests. One of Ratzinger’s first proclamations upon becoming Pope was to decry the war in Iraq.

The New York Times’ complicity in the illegal invasion of Iraq by publishing the false reports of Judith Miller is well known. A subsequent proclamation by the Vatican decried materialism. It is clear what is occuring. Elements in the U.S. media which either stayed silent, or gleefully pushed for a war in Iraq not in American interests, and now are pushing for a senseless war on Iran, are trying to discredit a dissenting voice which has a large platform.

The media exposure of the 30 million Christian Zionists and their supporters, on the other hand, has not occured; for their heretical beliefs, which consist of ushering in Armageddon by a nuclear war, benefit the Neo-con policy makers, aligned with the right wing Likud in Israel,  who desire and are planning a more thorough slaughter of the countries surrounding Israel.

The Zionist patrons of these Christian Zionists have promised these fanatics that Jesus will return to earth if they help them foment a catastrophic war in the region. Remaining silent on Christian Zionist fanatics and their Zionist patrons while decrying, and at times simply gossiping about the Vatican is telling.

The Roman Church, having decried gross materialism, no longer has an aggressive army ready to pour into the ‘Holy Land’ on a Crusade; whereas secular armies, under the general confusion caused by an orgy of Wall Street theft leading to a financial crisis, are ready to pour into the ‘Holy Land’ on a Neo-con Crusade!

David S. Schmit