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Catholic gays have faith tested by church

Xavier Scott Contributing Reporter – In the 21st century, one would think petty quirks such as racism and homophobia would only extract minor controversies among the dregs of our society. Sadly, even today, it seems they have sustained their ground.

A Colorado Catholic school, Sacred Heart of Jesus Elementary, has refused to educate a 4 year-old girl because she is the daughter of a lesbian couple.

Photo Illustration: Aaron Helmbrecht / Opinions Editor

The couple, who prefer a position of anonymity, haven’t kept their relationship a secret for the three years they have been attending the parish. Still, out of respect for the religion’s standards, they have taken it upon themselves to reduce the amount of affection they show for one another within the church, according to a report from the National Catholic Reporter (NCR). Nevertheless, members, pastors and administrators were well aware of their relationship.

The parents attempted to pursue an education for their child in the educational program provided by the church they had attended for years and they were told there would be no problem. Sacred Heart of Jesus Elementary enrolled their daughter for a full year. When it came time to apply for the second year, they were blindsided, being told  they were no longer able to enroll their daughter based on the conclusion of a meeting between parish administrators.

This conclusion maintained a basis that their daughter’s attendance within the school would perhaps cause some confusion among students, including the daughter herself, and possibly incite controversies with other parents and teachers due to the anti-homosexual message spread throughout the curriculum.

The mothers, as they prefer to be called, claim that ever since they have been members they haven’t  received any grievances regarding their lifestyle from any parents or teachers.

Reassuring the mothers that the main concern had been for their daughter, the church subsequently offered a settlement that would provide their child education through the church’s Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) service as an alternative to teachings in the elementary program. The CCD program only teaches the religious doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and is not a substitute for an elementary school education.

The mothers have gained enumerated support from many of the parents from the church but never wanted to be political activists.

“We never flaunted it or pushed any political agenda at the school at all…We never intended to pave the way for gays in the Catholic (Church). We just wanted to be a normal family,” the couple said to the NCR.

It’s a shame that an event like this still takes place in this era. The church’s views are understandable given the doctrine, but there must be a dividing line between doctrine and morality with new-found knowledge that outdates views from centuries back.

When individuals like the mothers are trying their best at a “normal” life, morality and understanding must be the sole reference. Incidents such as this will only happen in a biased world.

Perhaps, if not today, the definition of “normal” will be updated and people of all races, genders, sexualities and religions will live in harmony.

Until then, these mothers and others like them will be forced to condition their lives to the “normal” that prevails in society today.

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