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Financial aid counselor sets record straight on common concerns

As the price of college tuition continues to mount nationwide, so are the numbers of students who find themselves increasingly dependent on federal financial aid.

At CSUN, the situation is no different and when it comes to financial aid, new students often find themselves wrangling with bureaucracy and misinformation.

In response, CSUN’s Financial Aid and Scholarship Department has developed a flyer to help students bewildered by the application process, which will soon appear on the department website.

In the meantime, Financial Aid Counselor Gregorio Alcanter answers several commonly asked financial aid questions.

DAILY SUNDIAL: Why should students apply for financial aid?

GREGORIO ALCANTER: It is a third resource to help supplement income a student, parents and families make.

DS: What are the prerequisites for receiving financial aid?

GA: Eligibility requirements include meeting satisfactory academic progress and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A student cannot be in previous default of student financial aid and you have to be pursuing a degree.

DS: What happens if a student falls out of full time status?

GA: Generally speaking, financial aid is awarded based on the number of units, they can be in a position or subject to have to pay that back.

DS: What is considered part time for a graduate, undergraduate and credential student?

GA: Part-time undergraduate and credential students must have at least six units; masters students must maintain four. It is important to mention that the law says you must be enrolled in at least half time for students.

DS: Why do students need advisement?

GA: Only an academic advisor can advise a student properly to provide the right chance for a student to complete their education on time.

DS: What happens if I do not complete my classes?

GA: It will definitely affect a student in the future. A student must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement to maintain eligibility for financial aid.

DS: Do I need to be enrolled full time to receive summer financial aid?

GA: Simply put, no.

DS: What happens if I add a class?

GA: A student has three weeks to add a class. If they are able to add within deadline we will review the case to see if we can increase their aid.

DS: What happens if I drop a class?

GA: Conversely, if you are able to make the deadline, if you are a student we will continually review your aid based on the number of units you take.

DS: Why is it indicated on my FAFSA that I am enrolled less than full time, while my financial aid award is based on full time?

GA: In FAFSA, you can indicate your own plan. We basically give students the benefit of the doubt that they will take their full units. If you do half time, your rates will be adjusted.

Financial Aid is located in Bayramian Hall on the first floor.

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