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Hitler’s Jewish problem

Courtesy of MCT

A recent article in Britain’s Daily Telegraph has published the results of DNA tests of Adolf Hitler’s nearly 40 living relatives in Europe and America revealing that the virulently anti-Semitic Nazi leader was of Jewish ancestry.

The article itself draws no conclusions from this result, except to generically suggest the possibility of a case of Jewish “self-loathing,” and to point out the parallel between another recently outed outspoken opponent of Israel, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, evidence of whose own Jewish ancestry recently surfaced.

The DNA result bolsters the circumstantial findings of many researchers who had long traced Hitler’s ancestry to the house of a Jewish financier in the city of Graz named Frankenburger. They had also noted Hitler’s own awareness of the fact, which he repeatedly avoided and suppressed throughout his career.

Now that historians need not quibble over Hitler’s identity, which has been confirmed, they are to immediately consider the more important allegation and determine in what way were Hitler’s policies, so outwardly antagonistic to Jews, also Jewish, without resorting to the deus ex machina of self-loathing or defaming those interested in finding the truth as anti-Semites.

The paradox of an anti-Semitic Jew stands at the gate of the truth: why would a Jew persecute other Jews?

By way of a brief answer, the research of those like Leni Brenner, a Jewish historian, whose works include “Zionism in the Age of Dictators,” record in minute detail high level contacts and cooperation between Nazi party officials and Zionists.

On this taboo ground we begin to perceive that Nazi policies and Zionist policies were far from incompatible, they were complementary.

It took decades for word of a secret alliance between Nazism and Zionism to surface, whose chief fruit was the top secret “Transfer Agreement” of 1933 or as it was called in Hebrew, the “Ha’avara Agreement” struck between Zionists and Nazis, by which the Nazi government segregated and then shipped “desirable” Jews to Palestine to build that country in accordance with the Zionist design.
In this light, perhaps the views of Christian Zionist pastors like John Hagee, who are the darlings of Israel and whose every word is sponsored by Zionists the world over, are not as outlandish as they seem.

Hagee recently preached that Hitler was a hunter sent by God to chase the unwilling Jews, the majority of whom were anti-Zionists who regarded Zionism as “a fanciful and unrealistic movement,” out of their comfortable homes in Europe into the deserts of Palestine. According to Brenner, “the majority of the Jews of Poland, in particular, had repudiated Zionism on the eve of the Holocaust (and) abhorred the politics of (Zionist) Menachem begin (up until) September 1939.”

It was for this reason that the famous Jewish writer George Steiner wrote in one of his works without undue sentimentality that without Hitler, the 2000 year old dream of Zionism would never have been realized, and that he, this now confirmed Jew, was the true founder of Israel.

When the descendants of the Zionists, the hard-line Jews of Israel and the hawkish Jewish neo-conservatives of America and Europe compare Ahmadinejad to Hitler, most rational people did not take them seriously, thinking it was another ruse to launch another ”war of choice.” But are they not a thousand times justified?

A secret Jew at the head of a foreign government making a grand show as the foremost Jew-hater on earth, whose policies will ultimately benefit and not harm Zionist interests.

Matthew Soldad contributed to this report

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