Helping and not helping: Michelle Obama and Pastor Eddie Long


Michelle Obama

With the launch of her new campaign, “Let’s Move” against childhood obesity, first lady Michelle Obama is taking actions in to her own hands and encouraging our youth to eat healthier and stay active.

I believe this campaign is necessary. Our children today are becoming more and more obese and it is becoming widely acceptable. Since when has it been okay to place our children’s health in danger?

The first lady is advocating for healthier options in the cafeteria during lunch time, educating parents and children on the dangers of childhood obesity and promoting healthy and active lifestyles so our children may live healthy lives. I say you go girl- you have my support.

Pastor Eddie Long

Atlanta mega-church pastor Eddie Long decided to address the public and his congregation on the alleged charges of coercing teenage boys into having sex with him. Throughout his entire speech, which seemed to be drafted up by his lawyers, he neither confirmed nor denied the allegations. Instead he repeatedly said, “I am not a perfect man.”

This statement shows he could not say he did not coerce the teenage boys in question because those statements would not be true and would therefore hurt him in the legal battle that he is involved in.

What saddens me most is that he convinced his entire congregation to follow and trust the fact that he is a man of his word and a man of God while behind closed doors he was allegedly coercing these same boys into having sex with him.

Child molestation is a serious allegation and people need to realize that evil knows no boundaries.

Angelita Garcia contributed to this report