Letter to the editor



I want to report a crime.

It was a crime when the CSUN Symphony Orchestra performed Friday (Oct. 1) and the Performance Hall was just slightly more than half full.

Our symphony orchestra is spectacular.

It would be hard to hear better music anywhere in Los Angeles, and I include Downtown.

This particular performance would have been worth it just to hear the explanation of why “The Yale-Princeton Football Game” piece was played twice (you had to have been there).

But then there was a performance by the highly talented flautist Kyung Ran Kim and also four movements of Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5” that brought down the house.

The music is wonderful, the price certainly is well worth it, so why aren’t all the seats full?

The same could be said for performances by the other performing groups on campus.

Where were the administrators, faculty and staff members.

Where were the students?  Where were the Valley residents?

Maybe we’d rather complain about not having such special events after they’re cut due to possible future budget restrictions.

Dick Tyler

Former Assistant VP,

Public Relations