Letters to the editor


The recent tragic death of a high school cross-country runner in Sherman Oaks is a reminder that running can be risky on city streets.  But runners have few options, even at a school with a track like CSUN.

The CSUN track cannot be used by its students, only its student athletes.  One morning, the usually locked gate was open and there were a few students running.  I felt it was my lucky day.  After running a few miles I was the only one on the track, when of all a sudden a brigade of two police cars and four police officers came in.

They questioned me like a criminal and told me to go away, as they had directions to not let anyone but athletes use the track.  Why are students not allowed to use the track?  Why does CSUN not support the health and fitness of its students?

Even places like Drake Stadium at UCLA have open hours, but not CSUN. I fear that until something tragic happens around here, nothing will change.

JJ Velasquez

*  *  *

Nine years ago, CSUN eliminated the football program due to Title IX.  Title IX was supposed to solve a problem with discrimination in college athletics.  It went too far.  It also eliminated some women’s sports programs at other colleges nationwide.

Title IX was a bad idea, just like recalling Gray Davis a year later. If somebody wants to solve the problem with discrimination in college athletics, officials need to be more open-minded to everyone who wants to participate in college athletics.  No matter how many students are enrolled, there was nothing wrong with the athletic program.  If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

This year is midterm elections, so whoever gets elected in the Congress, I urge everybody to call their elected representatives to repeal Title IX because Title IX is more like communism, not a solution for discrimination. Thank you very much.

Bradleigh H Horton

Glendale, California

CSUN Class of 1988