Latest makeup tips for the fall season


Courtesy of MCT

Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s life, some even compare it to showering or eating. However women may define makeup, most agree it’s a part of our daily routine.

Foundation is the first step. Most see celebrities and wonder how they achieve that glamorous, yet seemingly effortless beauty. Lucky for you ladies, here are 10 helpful tips to master that red carpet look for this fall season.

Create a customized foundation that matches your skin perfectly. You can do this by going to a beauty counter and blending two  different colors that harmoniously blend with your skin. Remember to make sure the foundation you’re using looks good in all types of lighting.

Pick a concealer two shades lighter than your complexion. Lightly apply a small amount under your eyes. This not only hides bags and dark circles, but also it brightens the eyes, making them a great focal point to concentrate on. It also brings out the color of your eyes. Remember ladies, makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty, not mask it.

Lipstick can add the perfect touch when you’re in a rush. Most college students have a limited amout of time to get ready, but still want to exude that well-groomed look. Try applying a berry or soft pink lipstick with a little gloss. This is not only easy, it’s the perfect fall look. Berry, pinks, and even reds are great lip colors that are very season appropriate.

Get a bronzer. This is the best kept Hollywood secret that the young starlets use. Bronzers help elevate an otherwise natural hue into a sexy glow. Generally you want to apply bronzer last. To apply, lightly swipe the bronzer upward toward the brow and along the jaw line. You can also apply some in the corners of the eye to give a more sultry vibe to your look.

Well-groomed eyebrows are a must. This season, the thicker the better. Thin eyebrows are apart of a summer look,  and it’s now time to grow out the eyebrow with a high arch. A great way to get this look is to get your eyebrows threaded. Waxing can leave eyebrows with a harsh red tint. To maintain your eyebrows as you grow them out, its best to invest in a pair of tweezers to nip stray hairs.

This fall, it’s all about minimizing and maximizing. This means if you’re going to go for a bold eye look, then go for a nude lip, and vice versa. Ladies, be wary of the fact that dramatic makeup isn’t always the most flattering. To avoid this over-the-top look, always ask yourself, do I look drab or fab?

Never shy away from bright eye shadow. Bright eye shadow colors can be worn year round if done tastefully. So if you see a fire hydrant yellow, or pumpkin orange eye shadow, go for it. Just remember the more you apply, the brighter the color will appear. A couple of swipes with the eye shadow brush will do the trick.

Blush is a year round essential as well. Blush brings out cheek bones and enhances beauty. Rosie cheeks are great for fall weather. If you have a pale complexion, pink and orange blush is perfect for you. If your skin if more of an olive tone, coral or peachy tones will compliment your skin nicely. For darker skin, bright or soft reds are best.

Mascara is the best way to show off a pretty eye shadow or a gorgeous eye. A great way to enhance your lashes is to apply the mascara in a left to right rapid motion. That way, your lashes will appear extended, and coated evenly.

A smile is the best accessory anyone can posses, so ladies, be bold and beautiful this fall. There is nothing more beautiful than confident woman.