Valley eatery offers a wide selection with a twist

Valley eatery offers a wide selection with a twist

Leonie Jones

Photo credit: Leonie Jones, Staff Reporter

When I first walked into Stanley’s Restaurant and Bar, I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t see very many people. As I started to experience what they had to offer, I soon realized they are one of the best eateries in the Valley.

Stanley’s Restaurant and Bar has been serving the city of Sherman Oaks for more than 20 years. It first opened in 1983 and has been bringing in satisfied customers ever since.

The restaurant is located on Ventura Boulevard, one of the most well known and busiest streets in the Valley.

The décor of the main dining area gives the atmosphere a home-like feeling. Upon entering to the restaurant, there is a welcoming, fully stocked bar and plenty of seating throughout the building.

The most desirable seating area at Stanley’s is their outdoor patio. It has plenty of plants and a water fountain, which gives it a peaceful and quaint feeling.

Although the restaurant is located on a busy street, the noise doesn’t affect the patio dining area.

They have a variety of food options ranging from their famous Chinese chicken salad to burritos.

Even with their ethnic dishes, they still manage to have created their own twist. For example, their burritos are served with curly fries and cob salad instead of tortilla chips.

Their prices are moderate, ranging from $12 and above for main entrees, and most of their appetizers start out around $8.

After being seated, I received an offering of a fresh sourdough bread loaf with butter to enjoy while browsing over the menu. The servers are extremely attentive to the customers. The bread was good, but it wasn’t different from any other sourdough loaf. I didn’t eat too much of the bread because I was excited to taste the Chinese chicken salad.

It only took about five to 10 minutes to get my food. When they placed the salad in front of me, it was not mixed. The server then proceeded to toss the salad together right in front of me, which made it look even more appetizing.

After I started to eat the salad, I realized why it is one of the most popular dishes on the menu. It was delicious and light.

Although there weren’t any outstanding changes to this salad that separated it from other Chinese chicken salads, Stanley’s added their own style to it. They use shredded chicken instead of chicken chunks which makes for a better texture, and their dressing was sweeter than other Chinese chicken salads I’ve tasted.

After having their famous salad, I moved on to the bar and asked for their most popular drink. The bartender offered me a key lime martini. He then told me what was in it. I was surprised when he said it was made with whipped cream, and after tasting it, I could see why it was high in demand. It tasted like lime sherbet; it was a perfect dessert-like drink to have after the salad.

Stanley’s is definitely a spot CSUN students should try. The restaurant also offers valet parking for three dollars, for those who don’t feel like parking on  the busy street.

There are also places to shop on Ventura Boulevard in case you wanted to take a stroll after lunch.

When dining at Stanley’s, you never know who or what you may see since it’s right next door to a recording studio.

According to Annie Eastwood, general manager, celebrities tend to stop by from time to time, including Kim Kardashian.