Get to know… Rashaun McLemore

Monique Muñiz

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Rashaun McLemore leads the team in scoring. Also, has scored in double figures in CSUN’s first three games. photo credit Monique Muñiz / Assistant Sports Editor

Full name: Rashaun McLemore
Date of Birth: May 13, 1986
Place of Birth: Richmond, Virginia
Height: 6’5
Position: Guard/forward
Major: Pan African Studies
Stats last season: Assist 21, Steals 18, Field goal percentage .393

Food: Fried chicken
Music: Rap
Movie: “Menace II Society” by Albert Hughs
Song: “My Struggles” by Lil Boosie
Athlete: Paul Pierce
Book: None

Greatest Goal Accomplishment: “Coming back to play Division I basketball”
Most Embarrassing Moment: “When I was 15 the barber shop messed up my hair and I had to go bald for awhile”
Hobbies: “Chilling, and playing Play Station 3.”

Best part of my game: Rebounding and scoring
Part of my game that needs improvement: A little bit of everything
Best player I’ve played against so far: Josh Smith
Player I pattern my game after: “I watch a lot of Paul Pierce and his moves”
Pre-game rituals: Pray
Superstitions: “I have this quote, Philippians 4:13, that my dad taught me and I’ve used it through out my life”
Team: Win the Big West Conference and go on to March Madness
Individual: Get better everyday

My first sports: Football
Other sports I played while growing up: Football and basketball
When I started playing basketball: 13 years old
What I do to stay in shape during the offseason: Stairmaster, running, playing in open gym and weight lifting
Person I would like to meet: Alicia Keys